Does anyone know the rules on FIA. I receive it, but have had different responses when deployed. Some pay clerks allow it to continue for 61 days after deploying, others say it ends after 3 days. It seems to depend on who you ask. Can someone who konws the rules explain? Please don't bluff or guess: I've experienced enough of that.
Although I don't know the rules off the top of my head - All qualifying criterea and rules on when it is retained or stopped are contained in the RAAC/ PAM - ask your RAO for a look at the relevant bits - don't just take someones word for it. Rules for most things these days are quite complicated so the days when the RAO staff knew most of it have gone - the formation of the AGC didn't help but that's another story! I would be very wary of anyone who proffessed to know it all! - like I said ask to see it in black and white.
Being an all round good egg, I have the following extract from the RAAC:

08.206 Periods of Temporary Absence. Service personnel in receipt of FIA at their normal permanent Duty Station, and who retain their accommodation, are entitled to continued payment of the allowance for periods up to and including 61 days when they are:

a. Absent on detached or temporary duty (but see para 08.221 when Field Conditions apply).

08.221 Field Conditions. Service personnel in receipt of FIA who are exempt from the requirement to pay food charges while on temporary or detached duty, because Field Conditions have been declared, are to have their rate of FIA abated by the Food Element of FIA from the start of the third day of the temporary or detached duty.

which should clear the matter up!

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