A couple of quick questions which i hope someone may be able to help with.

1. Im moving on posting from single accom to a shared quarter with other singlies. Will i get FIA? What does a months FIA come to or is it rank based? What else would i be entitled too? I presume i would still only pay single accom and ciloct?

2. As i am married unaccompanied will i still get GYH(M) pay?

where are u posted to?

Your HRA needs complete paperwork before fia is allowed I believe, what has your unit told you so far?


TG14 said:
23 Engr regt, apparently no accomodation available on camp.

You will need to complete an application for SSSA (Substitute Single Service Accommodation) as although you are going into SFA it is this form that is the authority for the FIA, think the from is an MOD Form 1154.

Yes you will pay Grade 2 Accm (single) and will get GYH(M)

FIA is tax free and is about £11.00 a day


No worries, forgot to add:

you will get Home to Duty Travel (Public) if the MQ is over 1 mile from your duty station.
Whether or not you get FIA depends on if you can walk to your Mess/Cookhouse in 10 mins. If you can then you will not be entitled and will be expected to eat in that service facility.