Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by leeroy555, Mar 22, 2009.

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  1. Hello

    I was hoping someone could help me. Im attached to a Northern based UK Unit from my Corps based in Germany. Because the Unit im attached too has no service accomadation im currently in SSSA therefore claiming FIA, Also im getting LSA as im attached from my detached from my Unit and claiming Home to Duty from my SSSA to work.

    Now with out wanting to sound greedy could i also claim IE as i am on temperory duty away from my Unit?

    Any answers would be gratfully recieved
  2. Sorry correction: Also im getting LSA as im detached from my Unit and claiming Home to Duty from my SSSA to work.
  3. Yes. Every 24hr period when you're accomodated in another mess etc, will get you £5. Obviously exercises and the like don't apply.
  4. I thought FIA and IE were mutually exclusive but I will bow to the knowledge of others!

  5. All members of my unit now are getting SSSA, HDT and FIA as we work from an office in a TA centre, and we were told that because of this, we are not entitled to IE claims. We are on a posting not attatchment, however, so I don't know if this makes a difference.
  6. Leeroy, becareful you don't go past the 183 day point of your attachment. At that stage you are considered to be on a Permanent Assignment and your allowances will reflect that.
  7. Can you give a reference for that please
  8. 752 01.0205
  9. 752 01.0205
  10. Thanks, I see where you are coming from, although that is not exactly what it says.
  11. Um no you cant. IE is Incidental Expenses FIA is Food and Incidental Expenses. Spot where I am going with this..............
  12. I'm sure the Incidental part of FIA is to purchase such day to day items as toilet roll, cleaning products, light bulbs etc when living in SSSA.

    Whereas IEs are to go towards telephone calls, laundry, use of t'internet and papers when on temporary assignment.

    2 seperate allowances.

    Unless of course I am wrong and in that case I'm taking some vinegar into work to find the hidden rules in JSP 752 which are becoming more and more common.

    One that springs to mind is the 'you can't get IEs when at Selly Oak' rule. Whoever attempted to pull that one out of his/HER arrse must be on drugs.

    Oh its because everything is provided - yes it is but its from a non public fund... Rant over Back on topic, there's nothing to read here!

    The best one this week? 'You can't get GYH/HDT whilst on POL' Who fooking made that one up - -stiff ignoring there since I cannot differentiate between POL & ILA when inputting Absence.

    Some people need to get a grip and understand that if it isn't written they can't make it up!