FHT Selection as a Reservist?

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I left the infantry after an SSC 9 months ago. Since then I've been working in London, getting pretty bored with office work... but not enough to re-join my regiment. However I chatted to a guy recently who, after 14 months out, went as a Watchkeeper to Afghanistan and encountered the FHTs there. He said that they were doing a good job, and that he'd been sorely tempted to take up the offer of attempting FHT selection with a view to an FTRS.

His brief really re-lit my fire - One of the major reasons that I left was that I was frustrated at the prospect of being funnelled career-wise in a direction I didn't want. I really wanted to go for an FHT/Ajax but those avenues were closed off although I had good grades and my CO commented in my OJAR that my very brief stint as IO in Iraq showed that I had significant promise G2-wise. So I think its within my abilities.

Obviously, there is a lot to be said for doubting the wisdom of someone re-joining after a relatively short time. But, that notwithstanding...

Was the guy right - would it be possible for me to attempt FHT Selection?

What are your thoughts about the role?

I appreciate that this is a sensitive subject and potentially walt-ish/ newspaper material. However I'm not sure how to approach the issue through official channels. Please see my previous posts/ send me a PM if you'd like to check my credentials.

Any advice gratefully recieved.

You can volunteer as a member of the TA. However, to the best of my knowledge you cannot volunteer, unless already trained, as a reservist. The Adjt of your old Regt will hold the Op instruction which gives chapter and verse and you could confirm this with him. Hope this helps.
Don't forget to take a soft copy of your CV with you, if you want to keep up with every other reservist out there who are really looking for a job with an NGO!

Reservist X said:
I've told the CoS that I really would like to work with your unit subbsonic because it will give me lots of contacts in NGOs, and will look good on my CV
Did't get the job with me, but surprisingly he did get a contract with OHR just as his tour ended

subbsonic April 1998 said:
The next reservist officer who comes out here will become the Adjutant, to manage the G1 issues all the other reservists are presenting me with
Field Hygene Team, works with Special Medical Investigation Unit
I rather thought it was Figment of Headquarters Thoughts........ FHT, the virtual solution to all your in-theatre needs.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
This isn't going to descend into the "Are all FHT troops cowboys" thread again is it?


eye_spy said:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
This isn't going to descend into the "Are all FHT troops cowboys" thread again is it?
No, because, as Subbsonic has pointed out to me, this really isn't an appropriate place to discuss this. So I'm going to be a spoilsport and lock it.
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