FHM Nov 2007 Edition "the togs of war"

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by mastergnr, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. As usual my copy of FHM fell on the doormat this morning. Please, please, please tell me pages 150 - 159 are just a figment of my imagination..
  2. Look deep into my eyes...
    Not around my eyes...
    Look into my eyes...

    Pages 150-159 are just a figment of your imagination
  3. If pages 150-159 are an admission of guilt by Gordon Brown, saying how he is going to increase millitary spending by 150%, give us all a 15% pay rise and hold a referendum on the EU constitution then yes, Im afraid, its all a dream........

    Other than that, lets pretend for a second that no one else has a copy and knows wtf you are on about
  4. As I read not this FHM I can only guess at what is on the pages mentioned.
  5. I too do not read of this FHM - do put us out of your misery.
  6. What's an FHM?
  7. WAH!!!
  8. The Togs of war

    serving members of the Royal Regiment doing a fashion shoot in, on and around our colours. I'd like to hear anybody elses view on the item, if indeed anybody else reads FHM
  9. Blimey, men actually read FHM?

    And there was me thinking they just looked at the piccies. :wink:
  10. i havent seen this edition,

    are they fit or just the usual munters?
  11. Bunch of guys in civies :cry:
  12. How awful, one wouldn't mind the colours be traduced in this way if some fit minge was involved.
  13. What do the colours of the Royal Signals look like, anyway?
  14. Heehee Fas.
  15. Go on. You were all thinking it.