FHM bring in new Agony Uncles!!!

FHM has had many agony advisors, now they bring in 4 men who are "real heros".

All are over 100 years old, dubbed the "Centurians".

They give hard hitting advise to young whippersnappers who do not have a family role model for guidence.

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Instead of "role models" such as the current crop of footballers and stars (many on the Z list), FHM readers can now look up to....

Harry Patch, Somerset aged 109. The last known surviving British veteran of the World War I trenches, with the Duke of Cornwall's light infantry and saw action in the bloody Battle of Passchendaele in 1917, where more than 70,000 soldiers died in three months.

Alec Holden, Surrey aged 100. A retired Engineer, Teacher and Carpenter, recently scooped £25,000 from a bet that he would live until 100, made 10 years ago.

Buster Martin, London aged 100.

went back to work because he was bored, turned up for work despite being told to take the day off for his 100th birthday. Buster Martin began cleaning vans for Pimlico Plumbers despite retiring as a market worker three years ago.

The centenarian was born in France, but came to England as a baby and grew up in an orphanage in Cornwall until 1916. Moving to London he got his first job helping stall holders on Brixton market before joining the Army at 15 and served a total of 35 years before joining the Navy.

After taking up a wide range of trades, he finally went full circle and was working at Brixton market until he retired aged 97.

Mr Martin, who married in 1920 and had 17 children with his wife, said he took up working again because he became bored.

Not too much on Eric Woodward, 100. But I will trust he is of the same standing as the the other three.

I hope many readers of FHM are able to learn much from these four men, I wish I worked for Pimlico!!!!

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