FH-70 flick rammer?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Ultrawalt, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi. I'm trying to discover if/when a flick rammer was introduced on British Army FH-70 howitzers. Videos of those used by Germany, Estonia, Japan and Italy show manual ramming, yet the RoF claimed for British Army F-70s means one must have been used at some point. Many thanks. Chris.
  2. IIRC, We hand rammed! Cannot remember any flick rammer! although after the first round had gone the loading tray was presented to the breech face on runout. Maybe and just maybe it rammed then but I am sure we hand rammed. I loved that Gun.
  3. My memory tallies with Ayrforce1 but grey cells could be at fault.
    FH70 was a gun you couldn't afford to mess about with... Memories of long, hot days on the Plain and of carrying rounds to alternate position as the gun put-putted along on its little engine.
  4. I remember standing between the trails on Otterburn one cold,wet and windy day. The cam net and clegg was up the 7x9 erected an dthe Detachment all inside it waiting for the kettle to brew. The rain was lashing down as I put the finishing touches to check bearing and the hope of a warm brew when all of a sudden a gust of wind takes the net away! As I stood there with the handset to my ear and the rain dripping down my neck from my helmet I paused to turn around and look at the wagon lines. There awaited me many smiling nay laughing faces with steam coming out the windows/penthouses from BV's! I turned to the 7x9 to see 5 faces etched in pain pleading with me, Please/please do not send us after the net! I only had to turn around and face my front for them to know get sprinting! ha ha!
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  5. It was possible to fire three rounds from the FH70 in 12 seconds. It was part of the specification in order to get the standard FFE order of 3FFE into the target before an enemy had time to get under cover. I think it was also part of the SP70 spec, but I have no idea whether the AS 90 can.

    I was a GPO of an FH 70 Battery in 1981 and remember seeing it demonstrated, but I can't remember us doing it very often or even recall exactly what the drill was. It could only be performed with L15 ammunition, and rounds were a little scarce to be wasted as 3FFE. I canlt find any youtube clips of the FH70 firing real ammunition. It was a bit of a dinosaur.
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  6. Well thanks for locating the batteries on Youtube. I had seen the first and second clips. The first is some nationality firign very slowley. The second seems to be the civilian owned FH70. The third is non UK troops firing at a decent rate - a round every 12 seconds, but hardly three in 12. Did I imagine seeing the burst fire rate?
  7. Just trying to help!
  8. Was this a standard issue weapon or was it only for the ellite.
  9. From vague memory, we hand rammed..............but who gives a feck, it was a heap of shit!
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  10. Bugger... I thought this was the Female Hermer 70'porn site... Sorry
  11. you enjoyed the *******?
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  12. Only for the elite and even then only on rare occasions, normally during covert death ninja arty black ops (Ex. Sheldrake Spear).

    IIRC it was usually mounted on the BQMS's delivery tricycle and fired by means of text message direct from the CRA.
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  13. Must have been shite, I did my Gnr (field guns) training on it as a TA solider in '98.

    I cannot remember the exact specifications, and the only working parts I can recall are due the Bombardier referring to them as the "piss flaps, tit and clitoris".

    Was probably the only occasion I could find the clit every time, to be fair.
  14. You probably think this was designed only to wound the enemy too, well you'd be wrong. It was designed to make a loud "BANG!" thus scaring the bad guys to run away.