From The Guardian:

US plans military rule and occupation of Iraq

The US has plans to establish an American-led military administration in Iraq, similar to the postwar occupation of Germany and Japan, which could last for several years after the fall of Saddam Hussein, it emerged yesterday.

The plans......envisage the biggest "nation-building" effort the US has undertaken since the end of the second world war.

The occupation of the country would need an estimated 75,000 troops, at an annual cost of up to $16bn (£10bn), and would almost certainly include British and other allied soldiers.  It would be run by a senior American officer, perhaps General Tommy Franks, who would lead the assault on Iraq, and whose role would be modelled on that of General Douglas MacArthur in postwar Japan.

The occupation regime would track down war criminals and remove members of President Saddam's Ba'ath party from power, comb the country for any hidden biological and chemical weapons, and guarantee Iraq's territorial integrity. It would also administer the country's huge oil deposits.

Ahmad Chalabi, leader of the opposition Iraqi National Congress.....denied that such a large-scale prolonged US military presence would destabilise the region, but an Arab diplomat in Washington said it could have an "explosive" impact in the Middle East, where the US military presence has already proven a rallying cry for militants including Osama bin Laden.

More: http://www.guardian.co.uk/Iraq/Story/0,2763,810609,00.html

Does this mean cheaper petrol? ;) ;D




You are starting to worry me....

"Regime change starts at home", got no problem with that, but what's all this Guardian reading?

If you want a place in the military junta, you'd best get your head in the Sun, or the Daily Sport.  We don't want no dodgy intellectuals on the team.


War Hero
The guardian is always worth a read.  Know your enemy!!  Should be part of everyones G2 collection plan


Good point, Sir, well presented.

Any idea how I can get a copy of the Baghdad Herald, or the Basra Chronicle?

Though perhaps the "cousins" are going to go it alone this time....I see that our glorious leader failed to convince the Russians that Saddam needs a slap. And His Darkness Jack of Straw sayas today that war is moving further away. (Could be talking geographically I suppose...perhaps we're off to that other piece of unfinished USA business The 'Nam)

I shall try to read the Guardian more often, though it will doubtless cause me to throw more office furniture against the wall in furious disgust.  Perhaps if I just looked at the pictures........
Knowing your enemy is one thing, being brainwashed by the Guardian is another! Reading this arrse-rag produces some strange side effects, namely:

Believing lesbian single parents are the model of family life for the future;

That the Police are not only all racist homophobes out to instill a fascist regime;

That dodgy asylum seekers have more right to live in the UK than British Citizens of Anglo-Saxon birth;

That we should be subsidising the above mentioned lesbian single parents;

That it is quite acceptable to give lottery cash to anti-British groups who campaign against Britian, but that veterans groups and patriotic organisations should be denied access to funds as they are fascist, racist hompohobes;

That Tony Blair is a good, honest man, if only he would come away from the far-right wing of politics.


woo, mate, you raise a very interesting point:

we are what we read (or watch).

In our age of technological wizardry we still rely entirely on the commercial media to keep us informed of what's happening in the world around us. Fair enough, you may say, but remember that the media (all forms) is merely another form of competitive entertainment. In short; if no-one reads your paper, or watches your TV channel, the sponsors pull the plug and under you go.  To stay viable you must not only report, but also titivate.

We may snort in amusement at the endless "Kylie-whappers-out" front pages of the Star / Sport etc, but they are merely competing at their end of the information market.  You rightly point out that the impartial observer (pun there somewhere) picking up the Guardian would indeed believe that UK PLC is a run by racist, biggoted,oppressors and that those in need of help are the poor down-trodden minorities who have crawled from the corners of the earth to suckle at the tax-paying teat of the magnaimous GB....What we read is not news; it's the beliefs and values of an editor trying to sell more than his competitors.

Anyone who has had the misfortune to have been visited by Kate Adie will  have a very good idea of just how much repsect TV journos have for the truth. The story all too often takes a poor second place to the self-promotion of the "talent".  What pours out of the idiot box in the corner of the room shapes the mind and perceptions of the tax-payer/gate-keeper/potential recruit.  We are very fortunate that the press currently loves the honest tommy.  (Nip over to the war poems thread and take a look at "Tommy Atkins")

Anyone out there in the Province care to send us the  tally on punishment beatings / shootings / ieds  from last week?  Strange that since the Good Friday sell-out, the press has found nothing of interest on the streets of the Province, but merely dabbles in the politics of terrorists.(And don't get me started on that!)

We are in grave danger of being on the end of a dumbing-down process in the media that will end with news head-lines filling up with B-list celebs, and real news slipping down the ratings 'cause it just ain't amusing enough.    

Want a vision of this future? Go and watch American TV. Parochial Arrse at its worst. Then ask yourself, is it any wonder that they elected a man whose idea of culture starts and ends on Sesame Street.

Key message: don't believe what you read. Demand the truth, it's out there somewhere.
SINNER IN ELOQUENT POSTING SHOCK!! Pages 2,3,4,5,etc etc..

Great points, well put.

I know many national hacks and agree that they (and their papers) are big supporters of the armed forces.  A chap I know on the Sun regularly goes off to give talks on the inner workings of the press to large army audiences which invite him.  

Every time he does it, he gets the same feedback - that the guys find him far more impressive, knowledgeable and human than they imagined a hack would be - esp from a red-top and that they are surprised by some of his myth-exploding answers to their questions.  They also seem surprised at his willingness to listen and learn from them.

He gets a lot out of it too  - goes off for drinks in the mess after to chat to the guys and answer any further questions (someone always wants to know whether he gets to meet page 3 girls!) and has recently completed an assault course that he was dared to try (it nearly killed him but he finished with a smile and told them they had gained even more respect from him).

You would be surprised at how many senior newspaper people and editors have close friends and family in the forces too.

However, sinner is right when he talks about the commercial pressures and of course different newspapers have very different stances and political allegiances.  I suspect the Telegraph is the paper of choice for most army officers.


Right back to the smut,

Are there any ARRSE members out there who used their night sights to spy on Kate Adie doing her ablutions in the gulf? She recounted this anecdote in her Parky interview which was broadcasted on BFBS last night.


Not sure I've seen her "doing her ablutions", but I have seen her talking a load of sh1t!

Bad CO

Kate Adie's ablutions ....... {small red bloke with large fangs quivers in horror at the thought}

As for the Sun journalist geezer - I remember hin from JCSC (yes even COs have to do it) and mightly impressive he was too......
Perhaps we should give our hacks a bit of a break.

Drinking with some spam colleagues recently, one remarked:  your papers are so expensive and none of them agree with each other.  ( Doh)

I deduced that theirs are all the same and dirt cheap, and, with one or 2 exceptions, they are.

Economies of scale are so great in a nation of nearly 300M that its not economically viable to print what people dont want to hear.

I'm with the pinko teachers  in the staff common room on this one.  Life would be so dull without the Grauniad to laugh at.
It's true.

We have the best press in the world.  One of the few areas where we are a centre of excellence.

You don't get a sense of a country's newspapers on hols because you look at them for different things and for a short amount of time.  But if you live abroad - as many of you have - you will understand how frustrating it is not to get decent news or intelligent commentary.

The Sydney Morning Herald is a great paper but I knew I was never going to keep on top of world events with it.

Bizarrely, the News of the World if the biggest selling English language newspaper on the planet (and I wouldn't like to rely on that either).  But we do take our media for granted.

Even if - as a journalist - I say so myself...


Agreed - to a point.

My son lives in Berlin and is willing to spend three times the "English" price for "quality papers with quality news" - his words not mine.  Oh and he has lived there lnog enough to read and speak their lingo perfectly.

Now, I'm of to the toilet; where's that copy of the Sun! :-[


Ok F-S,

But you didn't finish telling us:   How did you get on top of Sydney?

Good old aadage: "The first casualty of war is the Truth."  I, for, one intend to do my level best to see it remains so!

{Sinner, exit stage left in media-lovey-huff}


I thought journos dated other journos was due to natural selection?

Table near to the top of the food chain, Sir?


Eagle is just showing that by reading the Grauniad he is perfectly ballanced as we all know that commie pinko subversive left wing lesbo loony Guardian reader have chips on both shoulders


To quote from sinner:
I thought journos dated other journos was due to natural selection?

Ask some members of the forces near the top of this page and if the option was there they would go for journo's wearing chanel No.5.

The drool was everywhere!

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