FFS! Why dont Liebour just classify ALL UK adults as paedos

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Don't give people ideas
  3. Dont the Police and Goverment use like an admin agency to collate CRB checks, run by a ministers partner?
  4. And payed for by us, this is just another Labour method of taxing the people, you will need a license or certificate for breathing next and you can bet it will cost a bomb,
  5. Yep everyone knows ARRSE is where all the party's get their policies from. 8)

    It really is a sad indictment of the times where you have to prove your innocence rather than your guilt
  6. Who is guarding those who seem to guarding our morals. When EVERY citizen is CRB checked, starting at the TOP of the food chain then that,s ok, but until then, LEAVE US ALONE you spying prying interfering *********.

    And No, I,m not a Fiddler, and despise those who are. :x :x :x :x :x :x
  7. You would be surprised how many members of the government would fail a CRB check
  8. So if look through a shop window see a school girl (or boy) mannequin dressed nicely make an observation in that “it looks nice” and I purchase the said items (making reference of the child like mannequin to the shop keeper) am I to be considered a risk of been a devo/pedo? or something as equally trivial
  9. Do you mean mrs Harman??

    New Liabour, same old tax.

    They cannot even keep peoples medical records protected from the Indian call centres!!!!!!!!!

    234,000 public servants records have been stolen and accessable via the net!!!!!!!!!!

    Discs going missing on trains,why do we have governments??

    End of rant
  10. After being (reluctantly) voted onto my kids Scout Group commitee and attended one of their more boring meetings and trying to look interested, there was one statement that caught my attention. Nonchalantly one of the leaders asked when they were going to CRB All the parents. It was agreed just after Christmas all parents would be given CRB forms and would be expected to fill them out and submit them on the evening.

    I asked what authourity it was to CRB all parents and they quoted the Scout Organisation. "OK" I said, "as it's not a requirement to complete a CRB unless the parent is undertaking a event/visit, then what will you do if someone either fails or refuses?" the reply was that a list would be held of non-cleared (sic) parents and they won't be allowed to participate or attend any Scout/Cub/Beaver evenings or events and are only allowed to drop their child off and then leave the building :eek:

    None of them saw any difficulty in, was is tantamount, to calling parents paedo's or unfit to be with children. I was absolutley gobsmacked.

    Fecking do-gooders who feel that uneccasary intursion and infringement is justified and almost said that if they don't agree then they shouldn't be trusted. Cunts!
  11. They sound like labour party members to me, unless they have a superiority complex.

    What happens if an aunt or uncle drops children off instead of the parents??I forgot to mention siblings over 18 and grand parents as well??
  12. A CRB is not a fail or pass.

    It is a report on any criminal convictions or police investigations into an individual.

    What the person requesting the check then does with information is up to them, e.g. an employer either offering the person a job or not.

    But yes, i think CRB's of members of the government would make very interesting reading.
  13. So all this is going to do is stop parents being able to help out at Scouts etc , thereby making it harder on the Troop Leades etc., also who is going to pay for it as I doubt if the parents would be happy to, and keeping a list of Un-cleared parents I am sure Uncle Joe Stalin would approve as would the Stasi, my work does involve children so I have CRB that says I am all a goody too shoes, when I offered to help at another group I had to get another one even though I had one, and to be honest all they say is that you have not been caught.
  14. 'Neues Arbeit Partie', Pa McRuin, Lord Mendacious and all their unholy Marxist and ex-Commie 'Fellow Travellers' are determined to create a Mass Database with as many names/personal details on it as possible. if they cannot do it through National ID Cards, they will try it on somehwere else.

    If they can even get everyone's DNA on record, all the more the merrier. Of course Plod would like this, but thats their job, maybe!!

    However from the days of the Gurning Farkwit B'Liar to our current Farckwit McDoom, they will try any which-way to get as many names on their Databases as possible..... then flog them off to commercial companies for a few Shillings to spend on more 'Neus Arbeit' Blah!!

    It is the 'Creeping Anti-Civil Liberties' syndrome of a farked up, incompetent and glorious 'Alice in Blunder-land' culture of McDoom and his stupid Pals.. :roll: