FFS- When Will Life Mean Life??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by loggielad, Dec 5, 2009.

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  1. I have read some shocking sadistic murders over recent years that took place in Britain..here are 3 examples:

    1) Scottish lad in Glasgow was randomly kidknapped by a violent gang of Pakistani race origin. They took him to a secluded area and stabbed him many times over, before dousing him in petrol and setting him alight. He died a pre meditated and pointless death. He was 15 years old...a CHILD.

    Gang received between 20-23 years, 4 years after the murder.

    2) Recently, again in Scotland a 17 year old girl is wickidly killed by her ex boyfriend. He doused her in petrol, set her on fire and held the door shut so she could not get out. Then he ran to her parents house saying she was dead. A serious brutal, pre- meditated murder.

    Verdict- Still in court.

    3) A 17 year old boy in Hereford is set upon by a gang of Eastern Europeans. He was beaten to death and died shortly after in hospital. A totally innocent victim...again he was under 18, a kid.

    Verdict- still on going ( As far as I know).

    Many years ago I wrote a letter to former PM Tony Blair explaining how I would like to see the death penalty back for murderers that are guilty without doubt. Of course I got a reply saying that the British Government do not believe in the death penalty, but has a moral stance to be tough on crime..blah blah.

    But after capital punishment, we were not told that murder meant life in custody?...I dont know about anyone else, but to me that means until the culprit is physically dead and in a wooden box.

    20 year sentences may seem long but one day they will be out......
  2. I wholeheartedly agree, life should mean life. I see no reason why this country should not have the death penalty when we thrived in it's use so often in the past, and to great effect. Treason against the king? Hung, drawn and quartered. Obviously this would be too much in our modern society, but even WITHOUT the death penalty, a life SENTANCE is a rarity in itself. 20 years is not life. Some of these murderers are 21-22, they will be back on the streets by the time they reach their early 40's, it's a disgrace.
  3. they will be back on the streets by the time they reach their early 40's, it's a disgrace.[/quote]

    That is the very point Im making. I am convinced that the death penalty in UK law would be a deterrant...how could it not be?. If I had the power to change the law I would do this...bring in the electric chair and make the first culprit die that way. The execution would be broadcast on television at a time late in the night. This would make the point of it being a deterrant. This would be the first and only tv broadcast. Imagine the impact it would have.

    Sounds like Im being a cruel twat, but Ive just had enough of this pathetic country. Maybe bringing in Islam law would not be all bad...we could stone these scumbags to death...rant over!

  4. Why don't we ring back capital punishment? Because there are STILL many cases coming to light where it has been proved the wrong person was convicted.
  5. How many lifers have been released after their convictions were quoshed?

    How many dead men can you bring back to life?
  6. Not too many actually
  7. Why don't we ring back capital punishment? Because there are STILL many cases coming to light where it has been proved the wrong person was convicted.[/quote]

    Granted, Im talking of people who are certainly guilty. We have the means and technolgy and DNA and modern systems to do this. If there is still doubt, then it is reduced to LIFE in custody. That way anyone that was wronly convicted has the chance to prove this.
  8. Everyone convicted is certainly guilty, that's what conviction is.
  9. The other side of the coin is, how many dead people would be carrying on with their everyday life, if any homegrown/imported chav scum knew they would be facing 'Old Sparky' when they decided to go out of their house carrying a knife or a gun.
  10. Ian Lawless

    Craig McCreight

    Both this year. Both dead if the 'hang em high' set had had their way.

  11. There is no evidence of the death penelty being a deterrent.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    And, sven?

  13. Says it all, really :roll:

    Some people don't give a sh1t about justice.
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Oh do fcuk off you boring tw@t.
  15. Yes. They are called "the Government". :roll:

    For the record, I do not think the death penalty is a good idea, except in the most extreme cases, where guilt has been proven beyond ANY doubt. But life should mean exactly that: you are locked up with the bare minimum required to survive. No luxuries - tv, books, visits etc - of any kind. And you stay in that miserable existance until the day you die.