FFS what is wrong with these people!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Taz_786, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Well well. Wonders never cease, I actually agree with Taz_786.

    Take me away please.
  2. Like i said last time, slowly leak cabon monoxide into the house sit back and enjoy
  3. This is what amazes me... sure, kids do not come out with an instruction manual tied to them but there is a plethora of information on how to parent available via any form of communication media one desires. Whether printed, broadcast, recorded, or straight from the horses mouth via the elderly neighbor one can certainly find out a bit about the occupation.
  4. And yet, even though I am not a Dr, I have managed to not watch a single second of that sh1t.

    So far, I have only seen that 11 chicks went in, and apparently some dead beat boy band bloke i have never heard of.

    I only know that so I could comment on which one I might nail in the ARRSE thread of that title.

    Probably the twins, but apparently if I them hear them talk I would not bother.

    Couldn't name them and probably wouldn't recognise them, if in some freaky occurance, I ended up in the house with them.

    How this is on it's 8th series (not including the various spin offs) is beyond me.
  5. He went to my school, until he was thrown out for being too thick. I lamped him one when I was 13, but, distressingly, he ended up winning... :oops:
  6. Two words that solve the problem: 'Remove fuses'. Simple.

    That's if 'No; sleep' doesn't work or 'Stab eyes' is too messy.
  7. Better yet

    "cut off plugs"
  8. To this day I cannot believe how popular that programme is.
    I could'nt believe how popular that vacuous, racist,educational vortex of a hippocrockofrog Jade has become.
    Still I suppose while we let our kids watch these programmes, the programme makers and advertisers will keep on making them.
  9. Yeah, well like, cool - this is 'Call Me Tony' Bliar's Britain.

    God Help Us!
  10. FFS the stupid woman shoud just take the damn tv's out of the bedrooms - problem solved. Try acting the adult they are just kids they shouldn't be didctating to the parent it should be the other way round. So the kids whinge who gives a flying fcuk.
  11. Shocking that even the big wig of channel 4 Lord Puttnam has said that he's not proud of BB but can't bin it until a replacement is found (it accounts for a stupidly high percentage of their income).
  12. If you thought the issue with those kids was stupid, this woman's picture must be in a thesaurus for dimwit. If ever there needed a plausible excuse to slam someone's head with a car door, this must rank as one of them.
  13. I think someone has already smacked her one in the grid, she is a right munter :pukel:
  14. big brother = opportunity knocks for untalented people who crave fame

    i would like to hope that the reason that people watch it is to see for themselves the pathetic excesses that people are prepared to stoop to to achieve fame. sadly, i think the real reason is they watch is the hope that they catch somebody sh@gging. it's the 21st century version of being a peeping tom.

    a social experiment it most certainly is, for endemol to see how many series they can sell to ch4