FFS, What is This All About?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SlimeyToad, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Trawling through the channels last night in my Strongbow induced haze I chanced across a prog on knob enlargement and the lengths (good pun) and expense that some guys will go to in order to ensure their loved one has a fully satisfied sex life.......yeah, really!!!

    But this fcuker took the biscuit with his tales of years of silicon injections which are now, by all accounts, the done thing.


    Then, to top it all, it turns out he's a shirt lifter........whose fudge packing days are well and truly over........you don't say????

    Is this just wrong, or what?
  2. tis a pile of crap...everyone KNOWS Mr T Blair is already the perfect penis!
  3. Shirt lifter and he sits down to pee...

    What an idiot. Most blokes would like an extra inch or two; for cold weather when things are less than flattering and just for the look on her face... but the size of that thing!!
  4. Oh my life,that was discusting :puker:
  5. The perfect penis? But what type of bucket cnutted slapper could fit that in?
  6. Bound to be some Windsor Warrior about that could take it all and it still wolud'nt touch the sides!
  7. who'd WANT to? If he managed to get enough blood into it to get an erection,he'd pass out and all his internal organs would die!
  8. We should be so lucky...
  9. About as useful as tits on a bull.
  10. :twisted: hes obviously had silicon injected in his brain as well ! :?

    the only challenge hes given me is deciding is he mad OR stupid OR both
  11. don't know about his brain,but he's definately had his lips done...sweetie!
  12. Doesnt do it for me im afraid.....
  13. Can imagine

    After spending all that money you'd at least think he'd have added a "vibrate" function
  14. Well lets face it he doesnt do it for any females....