FFS, US man wins £4.4m damages for inhaling popcorn fumes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fat_Cav, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. Yep, the worlds gone crazy(ier)

    A US man has been awarded £4.4m damagesbecause he claimed he caught 'Popcorn Lung' after inhaling the fumes from popcorn he was gorging. He argued that the manufacturers should have warned him not to inhale the fumes!! :wtf:

    I once watched a doc about the compo world, and they highlighted a guy who claimed (and won) damages from Gillette for cutting himself shaving. He claimed it left a scar! (One of many he already had on his ugly pikey face).

    BBC News - 'Popcorn lung': Wayne Watson wins $7.2m in US court

    Bold - Might have had some bearing on his health, shame they couldn't prove it.

    What next, 'Burger King* Amputated Finger', because BK didn't warn customers not stuff their whole hands in their mouths when eating their vile shite?

    What with the 'Hot' McDonalds coffee incident and the mentioned PTSD by TV claims from Scouseland, where do we draw the line?

    * - Shamefully other crap cardboard serving outlets are available
  2. Perverse compensation verdicts like this are the revenge of Joe six-pack on the jury, against his Corporate Masters who work him till he breaks and then cancel his healthcare insurance when he claims on it.

    Weird shit like this is the reason that the UK courts don't use juries in injury compensation cases.
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  3. Aye, but it will only be a matter of time before some fucker gets popcorn lung or toast lung in the UK and gets a nice payout due to fuckwit pc types.
  4. Errr.... no, 'cos we don't have compensation-case juries, cases are heard by judges and they go on the actual evidence.

    Give yourself a day off from the Daily Mail and try reading some law reports.
  5. Get out of the wrong side of bed this morning did you?

    Try reading things instead of getting all upset and frothy and having knee jerk reactions. Just because we don't have compensation case juries, doesn't mean to say people wont win stupid cases. Did you not see the case where an illigal immigrant was allowed to stay in the UK because he owned a cat? No a compensation case, but an example of pure stupidity of a judge. Oh and also we had a judge call criminals courageous the other day. So don't give me your shit about judges going on actual evidence crap.

    Just for your information, I do not read any newspapers as they are full of what you just wrote....shit.
  6. Its the American Way…

    You have the right to bear arms, arm bears, and to sue the bastards.
  7. No I didn't. I saw a case where someone was allowed to stay because he had a long-term relationship with some tart, and I recall that when he was asked to offer evidence that he did have a relationship with said tart, he referred to their joint purchase of a moggie among many other bits of evidence.

    I also saw the gutter press twist the story in knots so as to make some cretinous political point or other.

    Take your head for a shit, eh? It's because of outrage-bus cockends like you that we end up with so many fuckwitted laws in this country.
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  8. There was a guy on the TV yesterday who was trying to get ALL glass ware (pint glasses, bottles of beer etc.) banned from pubs because someone smashed a bottle on his head.
  9. Sounds like he deserved it.
  10. Other reports on this matter claim he was eating three bags of microwaved popcorn daily over a period of 10 years!
  11. Remind me how much the UK based MoD CS got for her RSI on one thumb? The civvy police mechanic who got compo after cutting his hand whilst servicing a cop car? The amounts awarded for 'hurt feelings'? Etc

    The use of judges or tribunals does not preclude the awarding of some substantial amounts of cash.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    And an outrage bus that permanently VOR due to being overworked.
  13. If any award differs substantially from the precedents and guideline in this little tome, there are probably grounds for the defendant to appeal.

    Kemp & Kemp: Personal Injury Law, Practice and Procedure - 9780421905108 - SWEET & MAXWELL
  14. fu2

    fu2 LE

    God bless America. I find it always amazing that people can sue and get compensation for not having commen sense. The juries for such cases must be as dumb as fuck or as PF says have got it in for the companies.
  15. The american system allows for an award for the actual damage caused and then an unlimited amount to punish the company for whatever it was they decided they did wrong.

    Most of these multi-million dollar awards get reduced by a lot by appeal courts later. I think the Mcdonalds coffee woman ended up with a couple of thousand in the end despite being awarded several millions at first.

    Have to admit though the system does make the companies sit up and take notice of customer complaints sometimes.