Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Luke_16, Jan 10, 2009.

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  1. Grr my mum said shes thinking about me going on a course with the army next week, with the rifles. I got my train warrant and she said how do i know where your going, it could be anywhere, As i just gave her a form she has to sign which i got yesterday. She said shes thinking about it, but what if she says no, im gonna be in shit by the army aint i? she said im only 17 so they should talk to her. Its not like i can ring them up or go down there so she can talk as i should be going on monday.
  2. join when u r 18
  3. I have my application sent. Its just this course as she says they dont insure me and it says they dont she they have sent me a warrant to go which works out around £80 so what am i gonna say to the army?
  4. warrant or the ticket?

    if its a warrant hand it back and tell them the truth
  5. Its a warrant but it wasted at it? as the already filled it out.
  6. only becomes 'wasted' when you exchange it at the ticket office for the ticket and dont use them.
  7. go on the army website and there are chat rooms with recruiter who can help! just get her to talk to 1 of them!
    shut her up hahaha mums ehhh!
  8. Is your mum a MILF and more importantly single??

    On a serious note.....why not take your mum into your local AFCO and get her to talk to your recruitment sergeant???
  9. If you can't go then return the warrent to your office and no money will be wasted. Question: if she's signed your application why won't she sign to let you go on an insight for a week (Chosen Man 2 right?) Strange.
  10. Yes chosen man 2. The reason is it says it dont insure me. Also she said she dont want me going all the way up there by myself cause im only 17 lmao. I said im meeting someone else who is going, and she said that could be anyone.
  11. Has she signed your joining application? ie-given parental consent for you to join up?
  12. Yes! Thats what i also dont get. I think now she knows im actully going for it she is getting worried.
  13. tell her to get a grip and let you go. Literally. Your not her special little soldier any more.

    What is she going to be like when you actually join up?

    Time for mummy to take a reality check.

    And if she's in the room with you now then tell her to read this.
  14. or be a mummys boy till u r 18
  15. By the sounds of it, she will probably still not let him go.

    If she's signed your join up papers then tell her to F off and just go. You say your 17? Get a grip and stand up for yourself!

    I joined up at 16 and couldn't wait to get the fcuk out of the house.

    Thankfully my parents thought the same. 8O
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.