FFS I Will never Drink that Again!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by woodandy3, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. A couple of nights ago i ran out of beverage and the only drink in the house was Bacardi(Mrs WA's Tipple)
    i couldnt do it!barf!
    it reminded me of Pernod which i drank(in excess) when i was a teenager and puked til i fainted!and ive never touched it since!
    but then it reminded me of the manly(NIG) top shelf of the NAAFI bar!
    my question is what drink or spirit fucked you over and you cant stomach anymore!??and reasons why!??
  2. Vodka. I spent six months in Russia when I was about 22 and was almost continuously pissed - 50p for half a litre, it was rude not to! I couldn't even smell the stuff for about ten years!

    Also neat gin - don't do it, it's not nice!!
  3. San Miguel and Calvados I plastered a room in puke.
  4. Gin!!! Pre N.I. tour in the 70's, a very young OPPO was in the bar at the table with a mate who won a bottle of that nasty smelling shite in a raffle that was going on.
    I finished my beer of German beer, the glass was filled with gin by said mate, like an idiot, I drank it down and OH GOD!!!!
    To this day it makes me gag...
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Borovička. After been a fucking let down and not making my brothers wedding. I had to get a case of man the fuck up and go down and apologise. One bollocking later he broke out the Borovička. We drank three bottles of red wine and three quarters of the Borovička. I think if I ever smell that stuff again I'll vomit on the spot.
  6. Looked a good idea at the time, being a student.


    Wasn't so smart later......

    Though several pints of 6x, and a bottle of cream sherry may not have helped.
  7. Applecorn. One Friday night/Saturday morning in the Sqn bar in Bielefeld in '88 resulted in my staggering to bed drooling vomit. I awoke on Sunday afternoon. I've never touched the stuff since.
  8. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Cream Soda,s anyone else remember them. I think it was 50f for a treble, from the Naafi in Berlin. Just the name of it makes me want to puke.
  9. Wine, especially Red Wine

    I hate the taste and it turns me into an over emotional violent train wreck of a human being.... on the two occasions where there was nothing else available and I was forced to drink it I puked rings around me at a posh do, had a confrontation with a stupid lady bouncer who tried to keep me in the venue when I was at least sensible enough to be heading for bed, interrupted my bezzer in the process of pulling a bloke and informed her she had to look after me - when the bloke tried to stop her leaving by suggesting they sit me down with water I told him in no uncertain terms to fuck off and stop trying to get in my mates knickers, locked my bezzer out of the hostel room forcing her to sleep in the corridor, stripped off in front of two people getting frisky in one of the bunks with the words "I fcuking paid for this room and I don't give a shit that you are fcuking, I am getting my moneys worth, am sick and I am going to sleep!"

    I then vomited down the wall in my sleep onto the bunk which would have been occupied by my bezzer had I let her in. She woke up to find her feet being duct taped together by some randoms...

    On another occasion I was so legless so fast off the wine that a male friend walked me back to my room, I waltzed in, slammed the door in his face but thought that he had locked it on me (impossible from the outside) - I started crying and banging on the door from the inside demanding he stop holding me captive. When I sobered up a wee bit I looked down at the handle, tried it and it opened... open all along *hangs head in shame*

    So yeah, never ever ever offer me wine... though being a lady there seems to be this assumption in society that I should automatically like the honking stuff.

    I have learned that it is sometimes better to go without any alcohol than to drink stuff that affects you badly!
  10. Some absinthe with a picture of satan on the lable it was called Tabu or some such.I redecorated the digs in Haarlem.
  11. Rum. Got so plastered on it in the mess one night I was found sat in a urinal and had to be put to bed by my oppo. Ever since then the smell of rum, and most other brown liquor turns my stomach.
  12. Sherry...I don't even remember why I hate the taste.

    Vodka...thought it was a sensible introduction to spirits as my parents wouldn't be able to smell it on me when I returned home! Big mistake, think it was a dead giveaway as I, eyes glazed over and a stupid smile on my face, proceeded to throw up a clear liquid all over the bathroom!
  13. Oh aye and Wray&Nephew overproof white rum!.Cheers mate. :-(
  14. Definitely gin for me too.

    Specifically Safeway's own brand. (this was back before Morrisons shagged them out of business)

    My one and only experience of this was at a house party when I was about 17 and had just entered the world of alcohol. We were all quite young so most of the booze on offer at the party was whatever had been nabbed from parent's cupboards. I had actually drank two bottles of Merrydown cider before arriving to the party and, as I hadn't really drank all too often before then, I was completely hobbled by that point. Party was alright but a pal of mine kept daring me to dry the gin.

    By the time I decided to have a bash I was well and truly legless and so literally kept drinking it out of the bottle to prove that I was 'well 'ard' and much tougher than my lightweight pals. It went down like water as my tongue was already numbed beyond belief. Half an hour later I was sitting on the couch wondering why the room was lurching forward and backwards when I stood up, puked all over my pal's mum's big white shag rug and then passed out in it.

    Woke up an hour and a half later naked in the bath with the rug rolled around me.

    My mum drinks gin and tonic and just the smell of the stuff now will prompt me into leaving the room.
  15. You drink sherry because you are an ancient crone and it helps you forget that nasty harelip repair you horrible ugly cunt.