FFS- Human Rights In Iraq

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armies, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. The Human rights activists are at it again..spouting off about the rights Iraqi detainees have or should have when they are arrested by British troops.

    Are these people on this planet?..have they actually seen what environments the troops have out there and the dangers faced daily? the fact that they could get blown up or killed any time?...its not like policing in the Uk- you thick ba3stards.

    It doesnt help with the likes of Piers Morgan and his antics with the Daily Mirror and the fake photos that were floating about before.

    By the way, why is Morgan now parading himself on tv with Simon Cowell.

    Piers Morgan..you literally are a disgrace and Im sure hated by many....ITV should be ashamed putting this man on tv.
  2. Thats why this country is in the state it is ... because of all the bloody do gooders and human rites brigade ... there should be no human rites for terrorist!!!
  3. can you supply the source link ?
  4. round the cuddly toy huggers up !

    and f*cking shoot them all

    human rights for anyone breaking the law should be removed and these tree hugging nazi`s,then we will have the room to grow this countrys spine back.

    hehe petition.com(remove the power from parliament)

    not that it would get noticed` unlike these turban loving animal shaggers
  5. It didn't look to me as if there was many WASPs in the human rites crowd !

    But what do we expect after BLair has opened the flood gates to these vermin that intent to rip apart this once Great Britain :evil: :evil: :evil:
  6. So arreseted individuals, who may at some point in the future be charged with an offence, should have their human rights removed? It's all very well saying 'take away criminal's rights', but that requires them to be proved to be guilty first.
  7. Did Amnesty Int get a cock-stand about UKSF killing "too many" Taliban a while back? :roll:
  8. The only people in Iraq who are guilty until proved innocent are the troops besides which, the activities of the terrorists are pretty inhuman ergo they make themselves less than human by their own actions and therefore should not come under the umbrella of human rights.

    Of course this means that the RSPCA will now be on our backs the next time we plasticuff one of the f*ckers!

    On a slightly more serious note, doesn't this mean that all soldiers will have to be withdrawn as serving in Iraq is in direct contravention of their right to life?

    What will become of the human rights of the Iraqis if the terrorists win?

    I think we should shoot all human rights activists as a point of principle, they contribute nothing to humanity that a GPMG wouldn't fix for a fraction of the price.