FFR Rate Rip-Off

Should we have pounds instead of dollars on ops?

  • Yes, we're British don't you know!

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  • No, we work with the Yanks everywhere anyway.

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  • Use the dollar but at the actual rate, thieving treasury!

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As many of you deployed on Ops know, the currency used is the US dollar. Why I don't really know, we're British troops and should be paying in pounds. What really p!sses me off though is that someone, probably the treasury is making money out off all the deployed service personnel. During the six months I spent in Iraq, the pound-dollar rate was above £1 - $2, yet the FFR remained at £1 - $1.95. It may not be a lot but it's the principle and it becomes a hell of a lot when you multiply the difference by every service person on ops changing money.

Of course you can get a better rate from the BFPO but they charge you a fee (and often don't tell you they are doing it!!). Just another way the government doesn't back its froces.

You don't have to cash cheques at the Pay Office though - your choice !!

It is a bit shite, but it was working the other way in Germany so swings and roundabouts really
I know you don't, but in theatre it's either the pay office or the BFPO, so crap rate or charge to exchange. The point is they should support us by giving us a decent rate instead of profiteering from us.
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