FFR / LOA Rates - Germany wef 01 Jan 08

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by daylightshrubbery, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. I have heard a rumour that the FFR for Germany is going down from €1.50 to €1.40 - £1 wef 01 Jan 08. Has anyone seen if the LOA rates are being amended to reflect this change? :D
  2. One of the reasons that BAOR Cold War warriors became disaffected was that the Treasury did the double whammy of reducing the FFR (12 DMs to the pound when I was a padbrat - and 4 DMs and falling when I was serving) whilst simultaneously REDUCING the LOA. The attempts to explain this phenomena simply defied rational explanation - as indeed does the whole basis of the FFR itself. One would think that in the most advanced and successful economy in Europe that things would be getting more expensive not cheaper. I wish you luck. :)
  3. Confirmed will reduce to 1.4.

    Jockster :cry:
  4. LOA has indeed gone up WEF 1 Jan. Have not done the maths to work out whether this is a neutral change, but I suspect so!
  5. I have the new LOA rates. If anyone wants to know your new rate - PM me.

  6. LOA has gone by just over £150 for me and I am losing £80 at the FFR for my German Allotment - so happy days :D
  7. Same here Daylight but don't go telling anyone or it will change!!

  8. Ah those were the days - LOA - BAOR.

    Money for nothing and chicks for free

    as someone once put it :)
  9. Strange one how it has suddenly changed now when the Euro has been in decline for quite some time.

    A quick example is Pte Bloggs paid 150 euros (£100) for flight home for Xmas and returns to Germany on 02 Jan 08. He claims GYH(O) and chooses to have it paid into his German account voile he gets back 140 euros due to the change in FFR.

    Could be the cynic in me but it was also strange that the rate your allowed to claim for a flight went from £120 to £101 during Summer Leave last year?

    How much is this that saving the powers that be?