FFR Going Down Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by once_a_maverick, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. Hope this is another nasty rumour or does anybody know different?
  2. If the exchange rate has changed I suspect it is true that the FFR will change
  3. Well, that's what happens if you don't maintain your vehicles.
  4. Is it just me or does anyone else not find it strange that the Army does not track fuel prices and adjust MMA in line with them the same way they do with the FFR and exchange rates? Or am I just being naive? :roll:
  5. As a consolation, when the FFR changes an LOA change is usually not far behind.
  6. Thanks for the thought but it's no consolation to us civvies.

    Had it confirmed it's going down to 1.31 on 1 Apr
  7. Dont use your own car for military business, insist on a pool/hire or military vehicle. If commuting get yourself a dirt cheap small car or a small motorbike.

  8. The usual Naafi Rant
  9. Just had an internal e mail Going down to 1.30 not 1.31 that 1 cent makes all the difference, plus I cant add up when the small figures get involved. Wef 1 Aprconfirmed. I am now getting my off shore funds tx asap
  10. Ah I see you are a civvy, and working in Germany? In which case you are living very nicely thank you and will get no sympathy on here!
  11. Are you an American? They don't do irony either :D
  12. Can be viewed on the intranet UKSC(G) site or via UKBCs AN 11/2008.

    I am not a civvy and this appears to have been done very quietly indeed, second drop in 4 months
  13. But why are you surprised. If the real exchange rate drops, inevitably so will the FFR. There is usually a slight delay between one and the other but they are linked.
  14. As for done quietly, it is always done quietly because it is business as normal, not some unusual act.
  15. I've scoured the UKSC(G) intranet site, and searched for that AN - drawing a blank on both. Can you supply a link?