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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Man_of_Kent, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Does anybody know where you are supposed to keep your first field dressing?

    i always was told it was the right hand top pocket of you combat jacket, but recently i have been b***cked and told to tape it to my bayonet frog?
    Later on the same day i was told to tape it to the left front yoke strap on my webbing?

    My reaction to this was GET F**KED, although i got a B***ocking from my Cpl, i still leave it in my pocket and have taped a second to my webbing to aviod conflict

    this is madness as you are supposed to be able to get to it quickley, by the time you have cut through the tape to get if off the poor b***ard who you are treating will have bled to death

    Has anyone else had this S**T?
  2. Usually covered in unit SOPs (do they still have SOPs?)
  3. I like the left (or right) trouser pocket, no need to tape it anywhere and it is readily available. Alternatively, if you carry 6 or 7 you could keep one in evey location you can think of and keep every one happy!
  4. Put one on all three locations. Well sorted then.
  5. Personally i always kept two on my frog.If you need to use them the last thing you need is to have to play hide and seek with them.Have them in a obvious accessible place and what ever you do dont use three rolls of black nasty taping them.

    edit for awol w
  6. What a load of rubbish. this should be covered in Coy SOPs. I believe that its also covered in Army-wide regs. Most Inf Coys carry it in the top left jacket pocket, as this is the Brecon SOPs and no one can be arrsed to type them out in the Field army.
  7. Always seemed to be top left pocket guess withnew body armour had to be changed taped to bayonet frog seems to be fashionable.
  8. I was always told not to tape onto webbing as it can get torn off and lost.

    personally I tend to carry a couple anyway, the latest SOP seems to be to carry it in your LH map pocket along with your tourniquet.

    To be honest I would be more concerned about thses people you see walking round with their CAT neatly taped onto body armour with half a roll of black nasty. Getting your field dressing when you need it is one thing but I know from experience if you want your tourniquet you're really not in a position to be trying to unwrap it.
  9. Don't worry too much. As you use the injured person's dressing, not your own, to treat his injuries, he'll learn the hard way that the FFD needs to be accessible.

    Chunky elastic bands are the way forward if fastening it to your webbing.

    And you should always keep one next to your wallet as it might just provoke a guilt-trip as someone starts rifling your pockets. :)
  10. Carry as many as practicable- remember that if someone wears a mortar round, they will have several FFD-sized wounds
  11. To all above - the FFD is carried to be used on you - so you must make it as easy as possible for it to be located and used hence SOP.
  12. Top left pocket over your heart (it is on the left isn't it lol)

    I have a few on me every time i'm on duty and i'm out of the army now !!!!
  13. Top left not done now, due to CBA over desert shirt.

    We had one in the left thigh pocket - BG SOP. And then a pouch full of the f*ckers for the other holes.
  14. From experience, current practice is LH map pocket along with tourniquet. Persona;;y I would recommend that you keep your morphine there as well (from very recent experience). Keep tightly together using an elastic band, don't use fecking black and nasty or any other tape to hold it together, try a practical experiment, blindfolded and with your hands covered in KY Jelly get the tape off as quickly as you can! It has proven the point to my guys.
  15. FFDs at one time were carried in left hand jacket pocket and then taped to the yoke of your webbing until we had PRR then the bayonet frog and on ops as Brigade SOP LH Trouser Map pocket with the Morphine Coffin taped to it and secured to the button with cord