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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by jobypelta, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just trying to sort out a point of contention - with the old FFDs, the drill for blood soaking through the first FFD was to whack another one on top - can anyone tell me what the drill is with the new FFD/ECB thingies?
  2. Exactly the same.
  3. Unless it' changed again I was taught that you don't put another dressing ontop. The new dressings don't soak up blood like the old FFDs, they stop the bleeding by compression.
  4. Dress wound with FFD (Or new dressing - whatever it's called.) if it's still bleeding through then direct pressure or tourniquet? The old FFDs just soak up blood – you need to keep blood in the poor fecker that’s leaking not soak it up :)
  5. Pretty sure BCD says if it leaks thru one place another on top and consider using a tourniquet and or direct pressure.
  6. after second FFD apply CAT if still bleeding if the bleeding hasn't stopped by the 2nd new dressing then compression obviously isn't enough.
  7. The old FFD did indeed soak up blood, but as it did so it expanded. thus exerting pressure. You put the new over the old to avoid destroying any clots that were forming.

    The drill (as I was taught a while ago to be sure) is the same for thenew dressing. whack it on, although it now has nice elasticity to aid the procedure.

    Should blood start seeping through a second can be added, more extreme methods of stopping the flow can be used in conjunction with this. ie raising the point of wound, direct/indirect pressure and of course tourniquets are IN at the moment :D

    9 times out of 10 you'll be smashing the heomoclot/quick clot etc. anyway.
  8. hi

    if 1st ffd bleeds through apply a second if second bleeds through a cat tourniquet should be applied as close to the wound as possible ensuring you apply dtg to casualties face

    hope that helps