FFD application as a DITS practical?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by welshblokemiles, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. For my DITS practical I've made a lesson on applying the FFD, as we have loads of old ones kicking about, and I've seen how they are meant to be done by a paramedic in the TA.

    However, there's a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that as well as weapon handling, first aid was a taboo subject for DITS courses.

    Can anyone clarify?
  2. I did it as a lesson many, many years ago (when it was the MOI course). It was one of the pool lessons that were handed out at random by the DS.
  3. I could suggest doing something creative for your DITS practical. Most people will stick with mil subjects and wiring a plug *yawn*
    I heard some people made some coconut mice which probably might not be up your street. But basic and create is the way to go
  4. When I did mine I did ballon modelling - a laugh was had by all and I passed the course! Others did paper folding, sewing on a button, wiring a plug and to be honest I think the instructor was fed up of seeing the same old stuff time and time again! So try and think outside the box!
  5. Mate,

    Check PM's.
  6. Our instructors did say it had to be mil related, but also said we could use the term "related" in the loosest possible sense.

    Maybe putting an FFD on is a boring subject, but I reckon it's something skimmed over very quickly and the technique can be perfected, even if chances are when they're needed small details won't be that important!

    But also it gives me some details to add, (knot over the wound area, make sure rat tails completely cover the bandage and make a seal over the skin etc), and then just to prove I'm thinking about 'elf & saftey, I can talk about blood cross contamination and not doing the bandage too tight.
  7. I did lighting a puffing billy correctly for mine. Went well
  8. Sandwhich making goes down well. Particularly when the DS get the product.