Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tango, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. Slightly dreading the responses that I could get, but ...

    I've got a lad in my block, whose personal hygiene is, shall we say, non-existant..

    He's only been seen having a shower twice, his room stinks (due to mountains of
    unwashed clothes, bedding etc). He eats takeaway EVERY night.

    And to compound matters, he's (you guessed it!) on the biff.

    Now, as block screw, I've talked to him a number of times about the subject, and
    the Boss has told me to leave it, "give him time to sort himself out.", and forbidden
    me to take any action, physical/official/other.

    Any ideas?
  2. This guy presents a health risk to himself and to others. Tell your boss you are worried about this and formally request that he involves the EHO from the Med center. Put in in writing if necessary.

    Then again get two big lads from the platoon to take him to the showers and use a yard brush on the gungy twat.
  3. Option 2 - give him a 1 year-old to look after for a week. Every time they get fed, you'll definitely need a shower, as you end up with toast, marmalade, egg, mince etc all over your hair, face and arms......

    Or is that just mine :?


  4. If you cannot cope with this level of problem...maybe you shouldn't be a block screw..check out things like ...obeying direct words of command etc etc..." soldier X tidy your room.
  5. daz

    daz LE

    Show parade with bed-space every-night for a week should work wonders, or failing that high pressue hose and bash broom the next time the gungie tawt is passing the truckwash ;-)

  6. Right had same drama a few years ago . The second you try to deal with it ''old school'' he is straight to the reggy do-gooders . Try this AGI 65 thingy , you will not shame him into changing his ways if he has got this far being a grot he will be a grot for the rest of his career . If you are getting flack because your the block senior then its for you to sort out . Sounds like your boss is a coc k and needs to take responsibility as well . I dont mean this in a bad way but i guess you are support arms as opposed to teeth arms . If he is teeth arms he would be sorted . Give him a major bollacking in front of the rest of your block and see what happens after you have AGI 65 him .

  7. Do you mean AGAI 67 Recce-cpl ???
  8. Task the remainder of the chaps in the block with the problem of dealing with the grot.

    Call me a dinosaur and a cold war relic etc but the Regimental Bath system was a never repeated act in my day, by that I mean, that if you were deemed to need one and once administered the offenders hygeine problems soon went away.

    Am sat cringing at the memory of a 15/19th Geordie lad getting set about with 6 bass brooms and brillo pads & domestos......

    Funnily wnough the following day he was turned out like a new pin :D
  9. Regimental Bath is the way forward, that or a good kicking :) No, This day and age it's full frontal unit humiliation thats the job, get some of the lads to pitch in with choice comments about Pte Gungy-cnut. Failing that jail the munter for been a health Hazard
  10. Ok AGI67 never used it . whoops
  11. I was more looking for the 'abstract' answer that only ARRSE'rs can provide, 'show parade showing clean toes' is a bit too boring!

  12. How about . show parade at the guard room showing complete room . IE bed , lockers , kit tv etc etc . Seen it done once and the lad really never offended again .
  13. that would be worth seeing actually! yes, i'm support arm, does it show that much? :lol:
  14. Well support arms tend to treat there people better than teeth arms . This has the knock on effect when things go wrong . In the teeth arms you would deal with the ''grot'' a lot more harshly. No disrespect intended of course .
  15. no, completely agree with you. and the thing with our side, is that when something does happen, people are a lot quicker to run to the powers-that-be to put in a complaint, which is probably why our boss forbade anything useful.