Few Recruitment Questions

I am currently awaiting my ASOB briefing during june and I had a few questions.
Bit of background info:
Finishing uni this summer
Technical (science) degree
Done some OTC
Fairly fit (not mega)
assuming all goes well attending sandhurst in January

when joining royal engineers corps' (reg) do you get a choice of regiment? (as in 23 engineer etc) Or do you get dicked around and sent wherever the corps decides?

At sandhurst how much of your 24k do you actually see after tax (whats deducted? accommodation/food?)

When does the medical take place? I have no health issues and passed the OTC medical easily but are there any more (or any strange) tests? (is there an additional test before sandhurst?)

Do places become available earlier and whats the system for that? (for example if people drop out of the sept intake do people get the oppotunity to go earlier?)

Thanks in advance.
As for which RE regiment you go to, I suspect it will be similar to RA procedures. If you consider needs of the service coming first to be "getting dicked around" you may wish to reconsider your career:

Do RMAS, get selected for Corps/Regt, choose a Regiment when on YOs.

I honestly don't know if RE do RMAS then YOs, or RMAS then an attachment, then YOs, but either way, at some point you'll be asked to make a choice of where youu would like to go. If that regiment needs 2Lts, then youu could get lucky. If it doesn't, then you may be sent to a regiment that does the same role (another Armoured Engineer Regt for example).

Can't remember the Sandhurst pay, but it was an adequate take home for a graduate and the deductions were minimal (this is 10 years ago - I don't think Pay As You Dine has had that much of an impact).

Medicals - can't remember.

As to the last point - being called forward, talk to your sponsor. Tell them you are keen as to go earlier and they may bear you in mind.

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