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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JamesiBoi, Jun 21, 2008.

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  1. Hey there, well ive just got a few questions to ask...First of all Iam only at the first stage of my career with the army as Im waiting to attend my introduction day. I am looking to join the infantry.

    1. do you need GCSE's to join the infantry?
    2. How long on average is the whole process from introduction until passing out?
    3. what is the fitness test time ie. 1.5miler, pressups and pushups etc...

    and finally...
    4. does anyone know what the eyesight requirements are for infantry as I wear glasses?

    Many thanks

  2. 1. No
    2. 6- 12 months. sometimes longer
    3. 1.5 mile run times vary...but if you are under 10 mins, you should be fine. They dont test Pressups or situps at ADSC
    4. As long as your eyes are fine WITH glasses (20/20) then you should be fine. My eyesight is terrible( can only see top letter on Snellen chart) and I passed that.
  3. To your first question.

    Always best to look at the official sites first before coming to places like these.

  4. check your PM
  5. Eyesight varies between services; I think the army line is that if you're at least 6/13 uncorrected in both eyes you're OK for inf. I would check that, though.
  6. Its not that strict. Im 6/60 uncorrected in both eyes and Im certain thats good enough for Infantry...like I said, as long as your vision is fine Corrected, then you should be ok
  7. I've never wanted to reiterate the existence of the search function so much...
  8. Well, that's fine until your glasses break/ get lost etc. or you come to put a ressie on and can't find your ressie specs. You have to have reasonable vision uncorrected; there is a standard for each eye (with the right eye having to be better) and whilst L 6/18 R 6/13 sounds familiar I can't remember for certain.
  9. I was just at ADSC, and passed eyesight test...and my eyesight is 6/60 uncorrected and 6/5 corrected in both eyes.