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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by JordonW1989, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. Hello all, before i start i'd like to thank anyone in advance for answering my questions and secondly i have briefly read through a few of the threads i saw.

    So firstly, i am a british citizen born and lived in Nottingham and Northampton all of my life up until i was 12, then moved to Canada and still currently living here. I'm 18 now, im finished school and im almost 100% im moving back to lovely old home, England. I'm just wondering a few things regarding infantry because i see myself as a soldier and nothing else for the rest of my life i would gladly put my name on the line to defend England if needed. I am left handed, now i know the SA80 are not ambidexterous but how would that work for me as it is right only, i heard there is a special weapon called the XML or something that is the same but left handed maybe thats not true so there's 1 question. 2nd of all, how hard is it actually in the selection what are the chances of making infantry basically, im not stupid by any means. And lastly what would you say is the minimum requirements of joining infantry. Just a general idea, of fitness for example. 1.5 miles in 8 minutes or 30 press ups in 1 minute.


    edit: And i apologise that if these questions have been answered before, the search never works for me for some reason it just doesnt stop loading.
  2. firstly kiddo youll learn how to use it left or right handed(hard enough for both)
    secondly not much intelligence needed its all about your learnability thirdly mile and a half in 10 min 30 secs 50 situps and 44 press ups in 2 mins.
    does this help?
    feel free to ask more
  3. Thanks alot for your response, and a fast one too :)

    Question, you said i will learn how to use it left or right but correct me if im wrong but doesnt the SA80 series due to its bullpup design mean the bullets shoot out to the right meaning you cant fire it left handed cuz you will get hot metal shells in your face?
  4. He means you'll get used to firing it right handed. You'll get plenty of experience and practice matey :).

    The bullets themselves shoot out of the front of the weapon, the empty cases shoot out of the side ;).
  5. lol yeah that would suck musta made a mistake in my sentence but u know what i mean :oops:
  6. Its not so much the empty cases more the cocking handle ripping your teeth out you have to worry about. You will get plenty of practise trust me.
  7. Thanks alot for the help guys:D
    edit: Thanks too xinflurker (i dont wanna seem as a spammer posting thanks after everything but i honestly am very thankful for every response here given me alot of positive and helpful input.
  8. If you're commited and keen, (and you certainly sound it) you can get through the training.

    You need a basic level of health/fitness and intelligence and an ability to work in a team. Beyond that, what fails people is themselves; if you are prepared to stick at it and keep going when it gets difficult and put the team first, then you will pass through no matter who you are.

    Yes, you can only fire a rifle right handed, it's a pain in the arrse but you will learn quicker than you think.

    Good luck with it.