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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Ash21, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. Hello all! Firstly i'm going to apologise for asking any retarded questions but i still feel pretty clueless as to what to expect from the infantry. It goes like this, in april i'll have finished ******* about and generally enjoying civvy life. As soon as my birthday's passed i'm going to start the whole application process which leads me to my following questions/pleas for advice (the reason i'm asking is the amount of conflicted info i've read from other threads which just left me at square one again.) 1) from your perspective which infantry regiment would you consider "the best one" to join/be part of? 2) which regiments still have snipers?(i know this seems like a pretty poncey question but as i've said, humour me!) 3) living conditions: what are they? Sleeping arrangements/showers etc? 4) imagine i've got the muscle mass of a twiglett and the height of a giraffe, what sort of training regime would you advise? 5) should i gain weight before joining or just get on with it? (ultra-metabolism, i'm worried i'll end up even skinnier than when i start due to all the running) 6) if you were looking back on your military career where would you have chosen differently? 7) what's the apparent taboo regarding "volunteering" for anything? I've seen this mentioned repeatedly yet i still cant figure out why it's frowned upon. 8 ) is aggression really THAT necessary? i've never been the angry one i'm the sort of sneaky bastard that rubs deepheat into your bog roll if you've got on the wrong side of me. 9) what do the officers look for when they're judging the top 10% of recruits, i.e what stands out to the instructors. Sheer determination isn't a problem for me as i'm chockablock with that but what am i overlooking? Right first of all sorry for my lack of paragraphs (doing this on a mobile phone so prehistoric it still has buttons!) and secondly if i've come across as a waltish twat master i'm sorry! But i doubt i would get up to date answers (with all this military reform budget rubbish going on) if i didn't ask specific questions. I've got a feeling that i've forgotten to ask something but for the life of me i cant remember what it was. Either way you should be grateful that i made this one thread rather than 9 seperate ones :p (Oh and thanks for doing the jobs that nobody in their right mind would do for the wages you accept!)
  2. 1) 1 Scots
    2) It's a course. Pass the criteria for selection and any cap badge can go on it.
    3) 10/18 man rooms in basic/inf training. Good possibility of a single bunk when fully qualified (z type accom).
    4) 45 min cv 3 times a week. Good food, lots of water and weights for another 2 seshes=5 seshes in all.
    5) Just get on with it. You'll get fat with age.
    6) I wouldn't have shagged the clerk in Cyprus
    7) Just be selective. Some jobs you volunteer for are utter UTTER shit. Some make you seem like a suck up to your mates. Just don't moan when you get "voluntold."
    8) Yes. Under control it is. It's The Infantry-not the Cubs ffs.
    9)Attitude, humour, willingness, ability, leadership.
  3. Have you never heard the phrase 'never volunteer for anything' widely used in the mob? Lessons are learnt rapidly,

    Aggression necessary? in the infantry you'll know all about controlling that when your at ITC (bayonet training)

    BJD has summed it up pretty well anyway..
  4. Thanks! I'm slightly less naive than i was! But honestly, is there anything you wish you knew before you enlisted? I'm trying to get a jump on the rest of the chav mongoloids that i'll undoubtedly be bunked with at catterick. Basically i want to come across as the ideal soldier so that i have options available to me once i've cleared phase one. Any advice at all? (and why the scots? Does their version of parade drill require whiskey? {i'm allowed to say that, my grandad's scottish :p})
  5. For starters I'd drop the "Chav mongs" statement. Selection for the army is not what it used to be (ie: sign here and you start on monday) and I'm sure you'll be training with guys from all walks if life. Basic training is a great equaliser and don't for one second imagine that asking questions on a open forum frequented with all sorts of weirdos, walts and the occasional serviceman will put you in any better position than anyone else. No one likes a kiss arse and basic can be a lonely place with no mates. Chill out, take it in and if you're good enough then the options will come to you at the end of training. Just remember though, budgets are tight so any extra training you want will be subject to your battalion requiring you to need it.


    Ps: learn to type. Your first post made my eyes bleed.
  6. sorry for any eyebleed, i don't have many options for text editing on this thing. And the only reason i mentioned the "chav mongoloids" was due to them being the only group of people i know that actively try to join.(and each one of them i've known has been thick as pig shit with a personality to match.) I didn't think this would be turn out to be a beginners guide to asskissing, i vehemently refuse to kiss arse of any shape/sex/sort, i just want to be good at what i do. And i wasn't expecting this to be dolph lungrens guide to super soldiering. I just assumed that of all the places i have access to that this would offer the most insight before joining!
  7. Fair one mate.

    Honestly the best way is to turn up fresh, with an open mind and a good (if somewhat unusual) sense of humour. Put plenty of research into your chosen regt but other than that doing what you're told, when your told, as you've been told to do it will put you in good steed with any decent ds. I think the thick as mince squaddie type is a bit outdated (don't worry you will get them) but as has been stated many times before it's now a volunteers army. Everyone will want to be there rather than doing it because it's their only option.

  8. Brilliant! I didn't even consider the fact that everyone else wants to be there as well, guess i better start working on the open-mindedness.