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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by macrouser, Jun 22, 2009.

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  1. 1) The 3 job choices sheet, ive only made 1 choice of the job i want if im not able to get that job i don't intend going for any other job, Is it ok just to fill out the main job choice and skip the other 2?

    2) Filling out my job choice sheet, Phase 1 2 & 3 am i correct

    My job choice: http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/jobs/pages/JobDetail.aspx?armyjobid=RLC210%2f219&category=4

    Phase 1
    nitial trainingEvery RLC soldier is first and foremost a fighting soldier. Your military career will start at ATR (Army Training Regiment) Pirbright, Surrey. During your 14-week basic training course you will learn military skills such as foot drill, how to handle and fire a weapon, how to live and work in the open and how to tackle an assault course, as well as developing your stamina and fitness. You will be stretched further than you thought possible and toughen up both physically and mentally

    Phase 2
    Further trainingYour initial Driver training takes place at the Defence School of Transport at Leconfield in East Yorkshire. Completing this 11-week course will earn you the Driver RLC Class 3 employment qualification and a C+E Category Licence (plus ADR)

    Phase 3
    After this you go onto your Basic Signaller’s course, which takes five weeks to complete.

    3) My interview is next month, is it ok to take a few notes in with me on paper?

    4) What type of questions are asked in the interview?

  2. Think there should be some threads in here about the army careers interviews. Though its useful to know some facts and detail about both your chosen Corps, its role and the job you wish to do.
  3. As you have said , you interview isn't until next month, that means you have a month to learn : At which ATR you do your phase 1 training? , How long your phase 1 training is for? , What will you learn at phase 1?. ... and then pretty much the same questions about your phase 2...

    Your ACA will also ask questions about the British Army - Which are general questions, Rifle? Helicopters ? The Boss? Nothing too strenuous..
    As you have a month till your interview.. revise a bit....i was called and asked to go in for my first interview without notice and still knew all the answers i was asked...

    Hope This Helps

    Syn :)
  4. Thats exactly what i was looking for, thank you so much, i was just woundering am i right with the phase 1 and phase 2 and 3 for my job choice as i dont want to right it down on the sheet and findout when it comes to my interview ive got everything wrong :p
  5. The description in the Army websites job post is usually correct. If thats what it tells you then ya will be fine. Dont panic, dress smart, and remember that the interview is a two-way process. Engage the interviewer and ask questions yourself. Got things about the job/army that ya wanna know? well write em down and ask the guy who interviews you. Shows inititive and indicates you aint afraid to ask.

    *Edited for dumbass spelling mistake.
  6. We forgive you... bet your sat in mcdonalds right now 8)

    Syn :)
  7. Thank you, thats boosted my confidence up alot!
  8. Yup. Got some funny looks from staff as i mashed the keys with my fists while rocking back n forth lol 8)