Few questions regarding glasses/eyesight etc.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jono8192, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys. I have a couple of questions if anyone would please be willing to help me.

    Firstly, I know there are people serving with glasses in all regiments (I am hoping to join the Infantry). However, I would quite like to hear from someone who has served or is serving in the Infantry, how did you get on with wearing glasses in training/Iraq/Afghanistan etc?

    Secondly, I read somewhere that a lot of soldiers go for laser eye surgery sometime after passing out of training. I'd like to know how many soldiers have had this done etc. Could anyone please advise on this?

    FINALLY, the other option is contact lenses but surely these are very unpractical whilst on operations etc. Has anyone hear been out on ops in the Middle East wearing contact lenses and how did you get on?

    I know I have asked a lot here, but if anyone could please help me at all then that would be great.

    Jono :D
  2. What is wrong with your eyesight, Specky?
  3. Hi. I am short sighted about -1.50 in each eye. I wear both glasses and contact lenses and I was just wondering how I would get on.
  4. Hey buddy you are not the only one, i wear both lenses and glasses, i passed the eyesight part of selection and my sight is -2.00 and -2.25.

    I believe you can wear your own glasses but can also get army issue ones and i've seen troops in Afghanistan with some cool sporty almost goggle like clear shades, so maybe they wear them to protect the contact lenses they have or maybe they are prescription.

    I wouldn't worry about, glasses are permissible in the Infantry so i'm sure there are ways that work.
  5. That's a pretty low prescription. I take it you can see (say) 6/9 with both eyes open? Can you see 6/9 with your right eye?

    [IMHO don't even think about surgery on a prescription that low].
  6. Aha yes I was also thinking this. Maybe if you know you are only going out on patrol for a few hours etc you could wear contact lenses then have the shades to stop dust getting in. But obviously you would just wear the sporty glasses things if you were going to be in the field for days at a time.
  7. Well, I am about a metre from my screen and if I took my glasses off I can see the writing but only JUST about read it with my right eye and not at all with my left eye lol so...
  8. 10 point print at a metre might not be far away from 6/12.

    With -1D your focus should be about perfect at one metre. A person with perfect vision should be using about a dioptre of focusing at a metre, so it's surprising that you can't see pretty crisply at that distance - you are only 0.5D out.

    What size are your pupils? I'm guessing huge (You sound as if you don't have any depth of field - big pupils cause that - which is (again) another reason to avoid laser surgery).
  9. I'm not sure to be honest. I think I am going to the opticians soon anyway so I will get an update.

    I am fine at all distances with glasses obviously so I am sure I will be OK.