Few questions on roles and prospects

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Quick intro as its me first post, i'm 23, bored of dead end jobs in a tourist run town, want to do something different which doesnt envolve doing something i hate.

Ok now thats done :)

I've been thinking of joining the army for a while now but i'm a bit torn/confused about which role would be best for me. I've also had an intrest in aviation and the jobs that sound the most appealing are:- aviation groundcrew specialist, avionics technician, aircraft artificer. I'd love to be a pilot/crewman, however the vision out of my right eye isnt all that great, i can still see fine without glasses etc but i doubt if i'd be able to read a little display infront of it :frown:.

I've also seen a few other roles that look like they could be intresting :- Weapons systems engineer, general fitter (then equipment fitter), logistic support photographer (allthough it says you have to be another logistic tade first, combat engineer sounds the most intresting).

So i'm a bit at a loss at what to do ... i like being hands on, fixing stuff, finding faults etc but do i go the way of the RE or the REME? Is it worth going the aviation side if the possibilty of being a pilot/crewman is next to nill? Also thinking ahead, with the quals earned is their any civi jobs around in the uk that does the same so if i get cut during budgets or leave after 20yrs? or will i be left high n dry? Or is it better going down the fitters side and getting all the engineer quals and driveing lisences? Or going to combat engineer and being a jack of all trades?

ta in advance
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