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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jordan1234, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. I'm interested in being a communications systems operator but I have a few questions in which I'm struggling to find the answers to so if anyone could be of help it would be greatly appreciated.

    I have heard around that the promotion opportunities are not as good as they once were in this field, is this true? As the promotion is one of the reasons this seems like a good job.

    I would also like to work around the world in my career, I'd very much like to go to afghanistan. Would I be working in England most of the time or not?

    ONe other big reason I am interested in this job is that I have heard that it helps you to get a good job on civvy street in case the army is not for me or when i leave the army after my career. Is this true as I have also heard that the civvy street opportunities are not the same for CSO's as they once were.

  2. Hey Jordan1234

    I am in the same boat also,
    I am currently in the application process and have chosen CSO as my first choice, CSO seems like a amazing career choice (in my eyes), but recently I have had my doubts.
    I have just recently read on a posts that the career opportunity in civvy life after service is not as great as they once were.

    if any one could elaborate I would be very grateful.
  3. Not in myself yet, but here's what I can offer as an almost Sig Crow.

    As with any job in the Army, it's important to look at future prospects in a job, and good on your for using your noggin! BUT... Promotion shouldn't be the decider on if you want the job or not! You should be taking on a role or trade because you find it really interesting. If you don't have that commitment, you're going to either get bored, or not finish training.

    As far as transferability to Civi street, of course comms skills will hold you in good stead for many a job out there, but you're not going to have BT knocking at your door asking you to be their next CEO.

    And you are highly likely to do a tour of Afghan if you get in in the next year or so.
  4. Thank you for your help. I am very interested in CSO but I have seen the same things as "JustDaft" and it has put me off a little bit. I just wanted to clear up a few facts. After getting alot of information around the web I have decided to put CSO as my first choice however a few doubts are still there.
  5. Just remember that 300% of the people on this forum are gumpy old gits.
    It's all in the eye of the beholder matey... If you find the idea of comms and signalling interesting, that's the first pointer to go off. Have a read around about the job and what it entails.

    All the jobs in the Army are going to have people saying they're ****. C'est la vie!
  6. As already said mate, if you are interested in operating and maintaining Radio and Satillete equitment the CSOP is the way to go, if you are more interested in IT than actual comms then go CSENG. I'm a CSOP old ASOP and the variety of Radio's UHF/VHF/HF/SHF and satillete systems i have used will stand you good stead for future employment outside the Army. It's now a requirement for CSOP's to do an CSENG job anyway well operating side, you will now have a 15 day extenstion on your phase 2 training. and if you get a post to an CSENG squadron like i have now you will get all the qualification to go with it. Promotion wise it has slown down over the year but every trade has in every corps. The promotion prospects are the same make ya self promoteable it just doesnt get given nowadays, well some trades it still does,
  7. What did you have on your cornflakes this morning? Crack?

    There is no requirement for CS Ops to do CS Engs job. And 15 days will hardly turn you in to a CS Eng.
  8. promotion is as fast as you can make it, we have been told promotion in my trade is slow yet i know someone who has been in 10 years and is a staffi now.

    work hard keep your nose clean and do everything you can and promotion will come if its due!
  9. Well chocolate frog, if you were upto date with things you would know that as of the 1st of October 2010 CSOP's with do a 15 day extenstion on top of the CSOP trade training to do IS Familiarization training and Operating some specific equitments. I don't know the exact name of this course extention but it is now done. I have seen the paper work for it my COC showed it to all the operators currently working within an IS squadron to stop us all wingeing about doing there job's.
  10. A 15 day-long familiarisation course will not make you able to do a CS Eng job. As you said above, you will be able to operate some of the more specific equipment, not fault find and repair or engineer networks.
  11. I'm not meant to be putting across that an operator will do a full CSENG job, i have done no course and it took me a week to settle into the job im doing now and am now doing alot more than some of the CSENG lads. Same as any trade within the Signals trade training is bull shit. on the job training in working units is the way forward
  12. Yes you did.....

    There is a great mergence in the Corps, with all kinds of cross overs in the trades (one of the biggies being the CS Eng Tech and CS Eng IS. Just because you've done a course or two and you work with the techs doesn't make you one.

    If you wind it back about 1998 we had Sys Ops AND Mechs working with techs on the masts. That didn't mean they could do the tech job. I've done fibre, but I don't claim to be a mech.

    I do claim to be able to do a Ops job. But that has more to do with me being one for five years :D

    And I am actually quite up to speed on the various directions of the Corps at the moment. Incidently the 15 days merely reintroduces the sort of thing Ops were trained in, some time ago.