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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by irlsgt, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. This is my first post on the board.

    I'm a sergeant in Ireland's version of the TA, called the FCA (the Irish abbreviation of Local Defence Force). We are currently under going major change to bring us more into line with the regular army. This reorganisation includes a name change to "the Army Reserve" and the amalgation of many units.

    I've a few questions to see how the TA and the FCA compare.

    Like the TA, we do training nights (1 night a week), weekends and 1+ week camps. The TA seems to concentrate a lot of training on weekends but what kind of training is done on training nights?

    FCA units have a small regular army "cadre" for administration and support. A typical unit will have a Commandant (equivalent to a major) who is the unit commander and Captain who is the admin officer. Each company will have a CQMS (which is a rank in the Irish army rather than an appointment), a training NCO (usually a sergeant) and a private storeman/driver. Again what is the position in the TA?

    Up until around 1970, members of the FCA brought their personal weapons home. Obviously due to the security situation with "the troubles" and gun crime this was discontinued. Currently our weapons are stored in regular army barracks around the country. But many units are based at centres 2-3 hours drive away from their weapons and therefore only get access on weekends. What is the position in the TA? Obviously I'm just looking for general information not details.

    We have a similar board - http://www.irishmilitaryonline.com/
  2. There is a TA member on your board you should ask him.
  3. The CA (from next week? My data says 01 Oct 05 is the official change date) is broadly similar to the TA, although the commitment and level of training has historically been lower, although it's creeping up, especially with the reinforcement companies due to come onstream.

    The major difference is that the TA is paid for all training, not just annual camp, and the minimum required training is double that of the FCA/CA. ISTR the last Dail white paper stated that the TA was the model to follow in future.
  4. Speaking of which, have the 3, 5 and 6 Brigade insignia been issued?
  5. The lastest information I have is that they have decided against having 3 CA Brigades and they will continue to be part of 1, 2 and 4 Brigades.
  6. From what i know of both the FCA and the T.A, there can be no comparison. The stabs definately win this one. The T.A soldiers get paid a lot more and often than there FCA counterparts because they are trained to do real jobs. I dont want to sound negative or derogatory towards the FCA but they are pretty shabby. In answer to your question the command and admin side of things are pretty similar although some of the appointments are different depending if you are a combat arm/support etc with the company commander being a Major, the adjutant a Captain, PLT Commander Lieutenant etc.(Infantry). The standard of training and the commitment of the FCA volunteers is pretty low and not currently at the standard associated with a 'Reserve Force'. Hopefully your re-structuring will change that. Hey, at least you've got the Styer Aug!
  7. I don't know much about the TA but I was in an FCA artillery unit for a few years and I would have to say the TA must be much better. There is no way you could deploy FCA units to Iraq - simply not capable of it. I really enjoyed my time in the FCA but sometimes it was a joke. That's not to say its impossible to train the people (or some of the people) in the FCA to a good standard but at the moment the Irish government has no intention of doing so.

  8. Our weapons our in our unit armouries .My wife would kill me if i had a gpmg and tirpod cluttering up the place :lol: .
    Our training on drill nights depends normally of parade admin points lesson tea break followed by 2nd lesson final parade
    Lessons could be anything from weapon drills classroom lessons physical training or some sort of exercise .
  9. Thanks woody, much the same on our drill nights apart from weapons training.

    What about regular army personnel / "cadre" as we call them?
  10. We have sgt and a csm regular instructors and another couple non regular permanent staff who do admin /stores etc a civilian clerk for paperwork and a civilian fitter for vechicle maintence . thats at a company location which has 2 platoons based at it .
  11. Right so, my info was from a pamphlet I got 6 months back.
  12. Aye, the Coy has 2 Rifle (one an outpost) and 1 MS Pl, the current standard configuration for a TA Coy.

    Aye, the Senior Permanant Staff Instructor (a regular WO2 (CSM)) who is responsible for training the unit and the PSI (X*) (Sgt), who trains the maneuver support platoon (SF, Recce, Mortars, Anti-Tank, Assault Engineers depending). In addition there are several members of Non-Regular Permanant Staff (NRPS), including the PSAO (a Captain who handles the day to day admin), a NRPS CQMS (who looks after the stores) and a few other personnel such as a civvy clerk, fitter etc. Of course, there's a TA OC, CSM, CQMS etc. too.

    The Bn has several more regulars, including the CO, Training Major (in theory one or the other should be TA), Adjutant, Quartermaster (M), Regimental Admin Officer, RSM and PSI (Signals), plus NRPS Armourers, Clerks etc. The balance of Bn HQ and HQ coy are TA (Ops Officer, Int Officer, RSO etc.)

    * Where X = The MS Weapon in question
  13. We only get 3 regular army at coy level and an extra 3 at battalion level, if we are luck.

    Non-Regular Permanent Staff (NRPS) are they full-time members of the TA?
  14. Right a few pay questions:

    Am I right in saying you are paid for attending drill nights?
    I presume you are not paid there and then, is it paid in installments?

    How is travelling expenses calculated?
    Is it based on milage?

    What do you have to attend/do as a minimum to get bounty?
  15. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Pay -
    Training nights, 1/4 days pay, plus motor mileage (not at a very high rate) and, if you miss your evening meal, another Allowance to cover that.

    Bounty Quals - depends on commitment, but usually min of 12 days out of camp training plus a 2 week camp, and pass some simple tests. Most do more days, not all do, noe is it necessary.

    The 12 days can be made up of any combination of weekends, odd days, and all the 1/4 days training.

    Pay is notionally the same as the Regs, but actually not really near it. Still, it keeps the blokes in beer and tabs, and the annual (Tax Free) Bounty of up to around £1,450 is always welcome.