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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by JB_312, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I'm 23 at the moment and decided that the job I'm in at the moment isn't right for me. I'm a software developer for an IT company but the office environment just isn't for me.

    I'm looking to join up to the parachute regiment (I'm based in Colchester at the moment), assuming I get through selection. Got a few questions (bit of an army newbie, so bear with me):

    Is my age going to be much of a factor? I'll be 24 in a few months time but I'm very fit, I do a lot of gym work, running (1.5m in 9:40 at the moment but getting quicker) and long distance tabs with 40lb weight for preparation.

    What's the actual process for selection? Do you choose a regiment and then do specific selection courses for them or is there an initial phase of training you do first of all beforehand?

    Finally, is there any areas my current skill set's in IT/qualifications are of any use. i.e., would they try position me somewhere because of it when I visit the careers office?

  2. Selection is the same for all jobs, but obviously you will need a faster run time for paras , not that I see the obsession with paras. If you have quals in IT then yes your recruiter will try and push you towards a trade ..but it's your choice at the end of the day they won't make you apply for a job you don't want to do, beware you have to pick three job options for your application. I think it's best you actually visit a careers office before posting on here as you'll get far more help from them than on here lol.
  3. Speak to a recruiter.
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  4. You really want Para Reg? You know what to put down for those three options, don't you. And again on the next form they give you. And again...

    At this point in time, don't worry too much about fitness... between applying and actually starting Basic is many many months; sure, keep the level up, but don't worry about overly improving every aspect, as you will peak. I'd also be very wary about tabbing with weight. You have an injury... you are potentially fucked.

    24 isn't an issue; 5-6 years on the younger recruits isn't going to make much difference in terms of fitness - and you'll be that much more mature than the younger guys.

    Do you really want Para? Why? Serious question. If you can't answer, then you will not pass.
  5. Rather a novel way to go about recruitment, wouldn't you say?
  6. All asked before, have a dig around the stickies and the forum.
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