Few questions about joining Royal Signals

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Trashkorps, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,
    Do you recieve a cap badge during Basic Training or do you wait till you go to blandford forum to recieve your first cap badge?
    Is there any places for your wife to live when you phase 2 or do they stay at home?

  2. 1st one: thats a bit specific isn't it? why do you care? like everything you'll get it when you need it

    2nd one: no.
  3. ok thanks for the reply just wondering really
  4. A more helpful reply.

    You will get to wear your cap badge at some point during your basic training. I'm not sure on the exact details as I'm not a phase one instructor. I am however involved in phase two. As a married soldier you will be entitled to married accommodation. The only exception to that is if you are on a particularly short phase two course in which case it probably isn't worth your while anyway.
  5. I got my cap badge when I passed my saluting test (1983), suspect we have moved on by now!! And there was a married bloke on my trade course and he had a pad
  6. I know this is completely random and unrelated to your discussion but why do us marines say oooohhhhhrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaa!
  7. Because you like being fisted by small children you throbber. Are you a potential Para or a Booty this week? I am as confused as your father was
  8. 1989 - still the same... Also had to answer 2 questions, such as what is the Corp March? etc etc...

    Married quarters are given to people who have a sufficiently long Phase 2.
  9. Ok cool well i am hopefully going for Communication systems engineer so i will have the long phase 2 (36 weeks to be correct). Thanks for the replies, help sort out a few worries at home.
  10. Baring in mind from your sig block, you are not even in yet (even passed selection) you are being very confident about getting that far, (not a bad thing though).

    Qtrs at Blandford are at a premium, so you may find yourself off camp, but you will get one.
  11. Clearly I have enraged you with this post I can assure you this was not my intension I will be sure to exercise more caution and consideration when writing future posts I didn’t realise it was such a sensitive subject.
  12. MSQs were really tight last year becuase they were doing the big refurb project but I believe it's easing off now. The new quarters are quite nice but still a bit "compact and bijou" (not sure I've spelt that word right!)