Few questions about joining as a student nurse

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ljmljmljm, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. i know these probably seem like stupid questions, but i've looked on the websites, spoke to the careers officer and rang the qarnc and everyone seems to have slightly different answers or they don't know, any help would be greatly appreciated!!
    - i'm confused by the officer cadet/student nurse option. as far as i can understand as an officer cadet i can train as a nurse at any uni, get paid £11 000 a year and then go straight in as an officer once i've graduated. if i join as a student nurse, complete my 14 weeks basic training then train at birmingham as a nurse, doing my placements in a military setting etc then graduate, i'd be a corporal etc? is that right? because i don't really understand the logic. is there a way to be a military student nurse then commision as an officer, or would i have to work my way up from private?
    - do the military student nurses all live together whilst as birmingham city uni and if we do, are living costs taken from wages at source as they are if you are in a different regiment? if food costs are taken does that mean its catered housing?
    -the careers officer said you get 38 days holiday in the army, but uni courses usually allow for longer holidays than this, so would the military student nurses have to stay at uni during the holidays and do extra shifts or would we get shipped off onto training courses elsewhere?
    - and i know this sounds utterly daft, but is basic training really hard? i think i've got reasonable levels of fitness etc and i come from a military background so i've got a general idea of whats involved, but do they still pull all your things out of your locker and turn your bed upside down whilst ordering you to clean the floor with a toothbrush?

    many thanks in advance if anyone can answer any of these, i know they seem stupid, but its hard to get answers when everyone tells you different things!
  2. If you join as a student nurse you will go through you basic training then you will commence your nurse training at Birmingham uni, you will be paid privates wage plus FIA which is an extra £380ish for food and living costs, you will live in student accomodation with other military student nurses including RAF and NAVY. Once qualified you will work in an MDHU as an acting corporal until you pass your JM's and yes you will have to work your way up the ranks.
    If you want to join as an officer you have to sit the board and if successful you will as you said join as an officer as long as you pass your training at sandhurst.
    Basic training isn't as hard as people make out, but it depends on how much effort you put into it, if you take the piss and dont try then your not going to pass any of the tests.
    Yeah they do still tip your bed up and pull everything out of your locker but they have a joke about it in the end.
    Personally I wish I had done my Degree in Civvy street and gone in as an officer but student life is brill and you meet so many good people who you will meet again when your on tour or when you get posted to a new unit.
    All the best with whatever decision you make

  3. thankyou for helping! if you don't mind me asking, why do you wish you'd done your degree as a civilian and then joined? is it purely because you'd be able to join as an officer rather than working your way up? i thought the placements as a military nurse would be better as your more likely to get things like A+E and intensive care rather than lots of geriatric wards etc. did you go through basic training? do you meet the people at basic that will be at birmingham with you?
    sorry for all the questions! just trying to get as much info as possible before i sign up!
  4. Answers to your questions in bold!

  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ...and never ever get on a bus with other nurses - its like the Bermuda Triangle, they never arrive at their destinations :wink:
  6. You mean the buses that all units in BFG were told were going to their unit functions?

    Little secret the vast majority never actually left their destination, cause we got sick of being plied with alcohol and then people assuming that they were entitled to sexual favours cause they had supplied said alcohol!

  7. and of course they had ODPs on their doorstep! why travel and have dog food and dishwater when you can stay home and have caviar and champagne?

  8. Ah!, there were radiographers there then. ODP's can barely type their own name. :wink:
  9. Really.... OMG; things are changing. I take it they will be on the degree pathway or will they consider diploma pathway students too.