Few Queries

Hey all, Just a few questions I was hoping somone would be able to answer for me.

I am in the middle of my application for the army. My chosen job is VM.

A small concern I have is that I have no past experience / knowledge about VM. It is somthing id like to learn. Is this bad?

Another question I have for you people is how often will I get the oppertunity to visit home during P1 and P2.

Thanks in advance guys.

Take care.

Basic training - you used to get a long weekend after week 5 and then at passing out parade you'd have another weekend off. (You could possibly get a longer leave if your training ends just before summer leave - but don't get your hopes up; I know a couple of unlucky sodz that thought they would have a nice summer break after basic and ended up on stag for the summer.)

Time off at trade training is most weekends off, again this depends upon;

Runs ashore
Extra duties
Course piss-ups
Leaving dos
Lack off money
Sports & AT
Jail 8)
Food poisoning

You'll start from scratch at trade training, don't worry - you'll all be in the same boat*

There are a couple of great things to see in Bordon in at the weekend:

A325 North & A325 South :p Are you far from Bordon? Get the feck away as soon as possible!

Good luck!

Edited to add: How far from Bordon are ya?

* Unless you get a re-trade/transferee that's done a bit of military spannering - slightly different from civvy strasse.
Are we allowed to use the word "queries" in here?
I'm at Bordon now...the best bit is getting out of there! You soon learn its called 'Boredom'!

There are lots of sports etc to get on with, as with all things in life its a make the most of what you have or it won't get any better!

I'm waiting to get loaded onto a VM course but it is designed to be taught to someone with little / no spannering experience. I have some but its not hard having seen what the guys in my room are doing at the moment!
As for phase 1 leave, its a 3 day weekend on week 7 of training now, not week 5 any more.

I was due for 6 weeks leave between phase 1 and phase 2, but that got cut down to 2 days (literally passed out on the Friday, reported to Bordon on the Monday!). So don't hold your breath!

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