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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by stayce88, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. just wondering if any of you would spare the time to help me out a bit

    im a girl, im 19 and im in my first year of a degree at uni
    sunday night - wednesday night i live in halls at uni
    other than that i live at home

    im interested in joining the TA but obv i wouldn't be able to attend a midweek session as i will be living at uni

    would this be a problem?
    also im interested in IT and comms but i would still have to do the basic + weapons training first? ( not that i mind it sounds quite fun )
  2. Question, where do you live and wheres uni ? are they too far apart

    Most units train on either Tues or Weds which means you would have to use a unit close to uni.

    Weekends shouldn't be a drama as you will be housed by the unit for Fri and Sat night be it at the TAC, another camp elsewhere or under a poncho in the middle of a forest. Your only hardship is getting back to where ever you study on a Friday

    To answer your other question, yes everyone learns basic soldering first
  3. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    University officer training Corps perhaps, depends where you are but theres a thread on here somewhere.
  4. Most Unis also have a local(ish) OTC that they're affiliated to and which also understands about things like university holidays.

    I believe that a few members of Birmingham OTC frequent these boards.
  5. my uni is in worcester and my home is in dudley
    i dont have a car lol

    my days of study at uni change every semester, so every 4 months or so
    before xmas i was there monday - thurs
    now im there sunday - wed night

    i live with my parents at weekends

    ps - how soon after you sign up do you start training/given kit etc and do you get payed while ur training
  6. You'll definately get paid for every training session you do, although it might take a while for the money to start coming in. You should get issued your kit immediately, as almost all your weekend will be in the field.

    As for missing the drill nights, at my unit it's not essential to attend; it's the weekends that really count during training. That having been said, it's the blokes that attend regularly that really gel as a unit, and do well. I'd advise you to make the time for the week nights, if you can.
  7. does it come in tiny girls size kit lol im about 5ft 2 and my BMI is 23
  8. roflmaololfwiw
  9. dont laugh :(
  10. Just ask for the Action Man Issue Kit :D

  11. A Sqn RMLY is in Dudley, Parade 1930-2130 Wednesday nights. Regimental page here
    Don't worry- we won't bite
  12. damn i just had this wednesday off!
    i have a lesson 6-9pm wednesday nites till the end of may :(
  13. i was thinking the same :lol:
  14. A Sqn PSAO (Telephone: 01384 230 166)
    ring and explain your situation, you might be able to work something out
  15. thankyou to you
    and to the mean guy :p

    ps - do they make army issue boots in a size 4?