Few Phrases in Arabic

Can anybody help out with a few phrases in Arabic?

1. I have lost my totem pole.

3. That’s my watch you thieving C*nt.

4. I don’t speak Arab you camel herder.

Or any other such nonsense phrases

It is for a wind up during a training course not for the sand pit.

Phonetically if possible.
woody yes sir i did pick ups some phases of arabic on telic
plt commander what were they
dikkar dikkar Muhammad jihad :twisted:
plt commader kunt :D
Aiza ta'mili hagat wiskha ma'aya? Would you like to do dirty things with me?

Edash bet kalef bentok? How much for your daughter?

Hottaha fi teezak. Stick it up your ass.

Ikhlassy akhrasi ya sharmoot wa iftahy khashmik Shut up man-bitch and open your mouth

Kafekom kalaman bel Arabia ya hi wah naht! Stop speaking in Arabic, you animals!

old_bloke, a few real (North African) Arabic ones which are clean and may be of some use, in widespread good natured use in Tunisia, Libya & Algeria. I have said them to Arabs from further flung parts, most of whom thought they were howlingly funny. :D

Nwariik Imjoon Fi Kaila (I will show you stars in the afternoon) - as in blow to the back of the head.

Zimber Wijn Itber (Don't teach me how to buy a big lemon) - rather like don't teach me how to suck eggs.

Turum ti kabir(a), nak zu schwaye. (Your arrse is very big, you should shrink it a little)
Quss Ommak - How are you?

Inta Innayitch - Pleased to meet you!

Imshi, Munharrif! - Kiss me!
Shufti Zubric,
Shufti Cush,
Ana muskeet,
Mafish Faluse,
Wahid Whisky,
Wahid Beer,
Wahid Jig-Jig,
Quoise Ketir!!!! :roll:


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