Few items remaining from last selling spree...

I posted on Classified Ads recently and sold some of the kit posted.

I have 4 lightweight jackets and 4 trousers (all DPM, used but VGC) left, I would like to shift these as they're taking up space!

Sizes as follows:

Jacket sizes:


I will sell the lot for £60 (Including postage by Parcel Force) ONO or £5 per item (excluding postage, would be determined dependent on quantity ordered (weight)).

Also I have 2 OG Bayonet frogs and a jungle sleeping bag compression sack knocking 'round.


1x Jacket size 190/112
1x Trousers, size 85/100/116

Please send PM on how you want payment etc.
(PS I'm trying to justify buying a frog, too, butn I can't. Sorry)

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