Fetish Night Ideas

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by birduk, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. Well, having looked at this board for a few weeks now I thought this might be the right place to come for ideas, on a nice low budget.

    I am going to a Fetish Night party next Friday and so have limited time to get a costume together. Have thought of heaps of ideas but keep rejecting them. I need a good costume that hasn't been done before. The dominatrix/sheep/schoolgirl/vampire has been done. Apparently Darth Vader (with voice translator!) isn't sexy enough! :(

    I am a big-breasted girl, so things like Ariel from the little mermaid are out (not sure I can find the shells). Also currently have short(ish)hair. I have invested in a pair of Star Wars Pjs and slippers as I was going to go as a small boy (now that is proper fetishy), but apparently that isn't sexy! 8O I still like the idea though, if it's good enough for Micheal Jackson......

    So could I please have some good ideas. Thank you please..... :D
  2. St. Trinians uniform (the older 6th Form, obviously. Low cut pleated skirt, open white blouse, straw boater, webbing (of course) plus a hockey stick. If you're a munter you can always wear the goalie's mask!
  3. How about being bodypainted?

    Obviously, as a professionally qualified fetish expert, I'll need you to send me a pic so I can utilise my skills effectively....
  4. Get a set of no2s go as stern doris sgt. Gets my blood stirred every time
  5. I went to a fetish party once where someone went wrapped head to toe in clingfilm!
  6. A nun. Old as the hills, but works every time.

  7. big breasted - yum yum.

    get everything peirced ( everything) and go as a metal detector tester. (try saying that when your pi55ed)
  8. RTFQ


    Gary Glitter and David Blunkett are both good ideas at the moment. Hang on, you're a doris aren't you - Jessica Alba off of Sin City features quite heavily in my fetishi. Rosey out of Rosey and Jim or a leather clad Aunt Sally will do the trick. Best comedy fetish is that of the 'Furries' - dress up as a big fluffy bunny and have random access holes. Get a costume that you can fit two people in and you can mess around at the bar with no one knowing, the staggering around and malco-ordination will just be put down to you being drunk.
  9. Perhaps one of these charming ARRSE gentlemen can loan you a beret and some gear. Apparently, uniform fetish is the order of the day here!
  10. just swampy yourself, that gets me going.
  11. Sorry, forgot to say, no army stuff- surely I can get in trouble wearing that?

    Oh and I already am a metal detector tester. :wink:

    Keep the ideas coming. Sound of music anyone?
  12. WAY- HAY

    here we go, here we go, here we go !


    please excuse me while i clean this mess up !
  13. Body Painted with spray on/Paint on Latex !!! :twisted:
  14. Go as a sexier version of Carrie Ann Moss in The Matrix, y'know, long black leather coat, sunglasses, FMBs. Just forget those robot plug-in sockets they all have in the back of their necks. 8O

  15. whatever you wear you are now morally obliged to post the pics onto the gallery