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Owned this kit for the last 14 years, daily usage, thats testimony to the quality of anything Festo. May seem expensive at first but youre looking at 20+ yrs service. There is basically no other competitor, although Festo aquired Protool 10 years back, is slightly less expensive but better than Makita, Bosch, Dewalt etc
Festool is the priciest stuff going, but DW and Bosch took a nosedive in quality years ago, Makita is currently doing so. It's now seriously overpriced for what it is, even the cordless stuff which used to be the best. I ditched my Makita cordless stuff for Milwaukee a year ago and don't miss it at all.


agreed, getting difficult to decide on cordless drivers, I ve found that even the heavy duty Makita s for 350 quid dont perform, looking at 2-3 years. I now buy a 150 quid Makita expecting a 2 yr life from the offset, then when the batteries go I just buy another one. Best Joinery kit is Festo/Protool, best Carpentry kit Maffel.

Certafide, if you only need a router for a one-off, purchase one from a DIY outlet, dependant on your project, a 6mm router (600-800W) will suffice for edge moulding and fine work. If you need to do mortices or trenching then an 8mm or half inch
(1200-2000W) is better suited
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