Festive Mongs

I took BFG 900 & BFG 90 to 'Fizzy Kids' today - it's one of those soft play areas where you can dose them up on E Numbers & watch them wear themselves out with no fear of them knocking themselves out.

Whilst I was sitting having a brew & reading the paper, BFG 900 comes running over & tells me that BFG 90 is crying - I go off to investigate & it turns out that a 'boy' had pushed her off a climbing frame. I calmed her down & stuck up a conversation with a milf that was standing there - apparently her little girl had just been kicked by this 'boy' - when she went to speak to the mother of this cretin, she was told that he couldn't help it as he had Down's Syndrome - cue us making very loud conversation along the lines of "Oh that's all right then - no need to control your children".

Later - this little mong did it again - in my haste to get to BFG 90 I accidentally elbowed the mong & cut it's lip.

So - my questions are thus :-

1. Was it wrong that I giggled like a schoolboy?
2. Should I have gone in for the kill while the mong was down?
3. Should I have just concentrated my efforts on getting my plums drained by the milf?



P.S. - Reason for the title? - the mong had a santa hat on.
Its a legal fact that you are allowed to windmill mong kids into the pavement. This is because they are 5 times stronger than an equivalently sized normal human.

This equates to, say, a ten year old mong being as strong as an adult therefore you are allowed to punch his face through the back of his head if he goes nookular in the playground.

I once saw a graph that showed you how old a mong kid had to be compared to your own body mass before you could drop the elbow on his unfeasably large head. It was called the BMI (Beating Mong Index) table.
This thread is dreadful on so many levels, but hay guys its Xmas all this talk of mongs , random mong beatings and mockery of handicapped and disabled kids at Christmas. You should bee ashamed of yourself for wasting time on this subject when there is a perfectly servicable milf waiting to be done in the car park!!!! I said it is Christmas and if you can't think of yourself now when can you?

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