Festive Goodwill

The Christmas Season is now upon us. Is it necessary to give our bin men and post men a festive tip or do they earn too much anyway, the noisy toe rags?
Fcuk the wnakers. They don't empty my recycle bin for weeks on end. They can kiss my hairy bean bag.
ours wont take rubbish thats more than 2 foot from the road.. bllcks to them
As a 16 year old, fresh from school I did a stint as a binman...
On the way we kept stopping because Mrs Miggins gave us tea and then Mrs smith down the road had baked a cake, Mr Bloggs gave us some homemade jam etc....... Then at the end of the day we divvyed up the tips for the day and got an extra £5 each.
That was every day and in the middle of July!

So, fcuk 'em...they're onto a good earner anyway, they must rake it in this time of the year - and for what? Banging about making noise and a mess at dark o'clock and holding up the traffic.
Bin Men can bollox, they make you leave the bin right on the edge of the curb for the thing to pick it up with its prongs and empty it, yet if you have one bin bag that wont fit into the bin they wont take it!!
They are over paid as it is!!

Bin men no, postie maybe
Its there job to deliever post and empty bins, for which they get paid a VERY good wage.

FCUK em.

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