The 16th annual festival of winter ales kicks of at 1300hrs on Friday the 6th of Feb, this is taking place at Dover town hall in Biggin street Dover. Over 70 casks of good and unusual ales from around the country, all above 5% the strongest being 10% priced at £2.50 a pint.The Friday session will run till 2300hrs. Saturday will run from 10.30hrs till 1800hrs. Cost of entrance is £5 Fri £2 sat. Free To camra members. If any arrsers turn up come and make yourselves known i shall be running the tombola. Lets get rid of the winter blues and get ratted. :D
His morning all casks tapped and ready, they've been resting since Monday morning if any arrsers turn up come and see me on the tombola.
Its that time again, 70+ales all over 5% fri 5th of Feb 1300hrs till 2300hrs Sat 6th of Feb 1030hrs till 1800hrs or the beer runs out.

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