Festival of Remembrance

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 11, 2003.

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  1. Did anybody else watch it on Saturday night, I thought it was a poor show and more like a concert than a ceremony to remember our war dead

    Will Young??????? Since when did we have a Royal Regiment of buttock touchers (trogs excluded)

    Its going the same way as trooping the colour.

    Surely a better idea would be to get the remaining WW1 vets and a hole load of WW2 vets and poor scotch down thier necks and get them telling war stories, and recalling thier memiors.

    I always go for a beer at my local Guards club after the parade at the Blackpool centoaph and ring the bell a couple of times, its an honour to partake in a bevvy with such brave and humble men.
  2. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    I watched it. As ever the service contribution was good and there were the usual "shivers down the spine" moments with the bugles et al.

    However I agree with you that in trying to appeal to today's "yoof" they've gone too far away from what it all means.

    WTF was the RAF "swing band" bit all about and why didn't someone tell the 16 year old girl who sang (very well I might add) that a skimpy little dress wasn't suitable for the occasion.

    How many people you know who are not connected with the forces even remembered what day it was at 11 am today let alone took part. Where I work there were about three of us who even thought about it. :(
  3. Agreed; it has been dumbed down to make it acceptable to the PC brigade. Tony Bliar doesn't think the forces should be 'triumphalist' - twat.

    What happened to the mini-displays that used to be shown, and does anyone else remember the late Sqn Ldr Ralph Reader who used to come on and lead community singing?

    No more pop-idols, please...
  4. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    Our office sound the fire alarm at 11.00 to start the two minutes silence, has done since I've been here (three years), no incoming or outgoing calls permitted. My old office did the same.

    Its a very personal thing, although its a mark of respect to stop what your doing an pause for a moment on occasion its not possible (driving etc) doesn't mean the thought isn't there.
  5. Scary

    The RAF 'Squadronnaires' are a recreation of the original band of the same name which was formed during WW2 to entertain troops, as our answer to the Glenn Miller band. They became well known and made many recordings. The current version recently played at Ronnie Scott's.

    This morning I was at Hyde Park Corner and saw the Australian War Memorial unveiled by HM Queen - even the presence of the liars Blair and Hoon didn't spoil it. However, during the 2-minute silence there were people walking about (and roller-blading) as if nothing was happening. They should be ashamed.
  6. Slightly off tangeant, but how fat were the Royal Marines band???

    Every year that goes by and the fewer the two war survivors are the less people seem to give a shit about the sacrifice they made.
  7. [quo watched it. As ever the service contribution was good and there were the usual "shivers down the spine" moments with the bugles et al.

    It did it for me to and Sunday it was said to see that those brave men openly cry for lost friends, It was a honour to be with them.

    I do feel that as said they are trying to get the yoofs to listen more.

    Personally I would crab them sit them down and show the old pictures of what war is like. then meet the people who fought and have stories to tell.

    That raises a lump in my throat.

  8. well i stopped to remember all that has been done by those before me this morning on a london street, much to the amusement to the majority of passers by.

    Over the past few weeks that I've been proudly wearing a small symbol of the price paid by many for my right to wear it, I have become convinced there is a growing number that don't even know what its all about! At least there are some among us that bother to remember. who knows, next year i might actually volunteer to sell poppies!
  9. I was down town today when the 11 O'clock 2 minute silence started, and much to my surprise, it was the younger set of people who seemed to stop and observe the silence, i fact even the rugrats seem to stop crying/whinging, it was the older folk who kept moving carrying on shopping.

    two old biddies came out the shop i was standing in complaining that they had to wait while the staff stopped on the checkout!

    i couldn't resist the urge to ask them if they knew anyone who had died, or who had partaken in any conflict on behalf of this country! I even got a small round of applause from some of the crowd.
  10. Had a very numpty phone call from Mrs. Nutstrangler at about 1115hrs. She complained that although the chimes and the gun signalled the start of the Silence on the box, apparently the Beeb couldn't wait for the full two minutes, and cut away to something else before the time had elapsed.
    If she was correct, and I'm not saying that she isn't, it would be just another example of the contempt with which the Beeb regards anything that ordinary folk in this country hold dear.
  11. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    Well done that man, wish I'd seen their faces.
  12. It's nice to see that a number of websites have also shown their dedication to marking Armistice Day.

    Even Google....


    good work fella,

    I went down to the war memorial in the village this morning and there was only myself and an old boy observing the silence, meanwhile the few shops were trading away. Sign of the times I thought until it was announced on the news that 90% of Britons think that observance of the two minutes silence is important in this day and age.
  13. I am a trainer for the London Fire Brigade, and at the appointed time I stopped the drill my 'trainees' were conducting and had them stand at attention for 2 mins. We then carried on with our day.

    My course were not the only ones. I think most have ex services in and they made it happen.

    Lest we forget.

    We WILL remember them.

  14. My boss orderd a 2 min silence today and even got all the machines turned off........ and she has nothing to do with the forces........ so most people do remember they just show it in differant ways i guess