Festival Of Remembrance

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Desperate Dan, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. Now I know that quite a few have mentioned this in the last few days, but I have just watched it on Beefbers. I have to say that it nails me every year, however when Sue Amer, the wife of Sgt Matty Amer Coldstream Guards was introduced and did her "piece to camera", along with his oppos, I was mullered, there and then. It never gets easier, and nor should it. Nuff said.......R.I.P
  2. Where does Prince Charles get all his medals from ?

    Is he a Walt ?
  3. Hmm, good point.

    The one that really peeves me though is Edward, check him out at the cenotaph today, all done up like a dogs dinner (including medals??). Erm, am I not correct in thinking that he bailed out of his RM basic. WALT
  4. he was dressed as Honorary Colonel of the Wessex Yeomanry surely?
  5. As it's Her Majesties Armed Forces, any Royal it's their train set to be honest, and can wear whatever they want. That said how they can do it without feeling like a fraud is beyond me.
  6. Well one of them is the Royal Victorian Medal which the Queen gives, it's her medal she can give it to whoever she wants. The rest are free from Esso
  7. Ilike Charlies one that looks like a Daisy!:)
  8. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    You can turn a frog into a prince.........but you can't turn a prince into a marine
  9. Exactly. I have absolutely no issue with Phil the Greek, Charles or Andrew. Am I wrong in thinking that Ann also served in the RN. It just really P*sses me off that Edward, who lets be honest couldn't hack it gets to dress up in the uniform of the Wessex Yeomanry. Is this not a bit of an insult to them. I wore my uniform with pride, I worked for it, and earned it. Surely Edward MUST feel a bit of a TW*T (or WALT). To be fair there is a long and distinguished tradition in the Royal Family of service to the Country, and long may it continue, but TBF only wear it if you earned it........
  10. I don't think I could get too excited about this. It is part of the protocol and has been for generations.
    No doubt Edward feels a little undeserving and uncomfortable at times but is in a poor position to object.
    Whether we like it or not the next generation of royalty is likely to bring considerable change when the succeeding reigning monarch takes post.

    We should really be thankful we were not born into such a position. I cannot imagine a more restrictive and controlled lifestyle and one from which you are not permitted to retire or resign without massive fuss and bother.
  11. Good to see such a large contingent from the TA MI.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Not really sure it's a festival!
  13. Not really, we quite like Edward. He's been a good ambassador for us, he always remembers to wear our tie and having him wear our uniform at such a high profile event as remembrance sunday will hopefully remind people that there are TA lads & lasses who should be remembered as well.
  14. Fair one........
  15. A friend was with the war widows group that came on, she was with her son who lost a leg in Afghanistan and her husband was 3 Para killed in Northern Ireland. Had to bite my lip at that part of the proceedings I can tell you.