Festival of Remembrance 2012

Went to this this afternoon. I enjoyed it, wasn't looking forward to Rod Stewart but he was good. Not sure about the kids at the end, something a bit communist state about it. On the whole worth watching, still miss the flying PT instructors but suppose they won't come back now boo hoo.
Will save judgement till i have seen the BBC's butchered attempt tonight, but I miss the old displays as well. I think it has become to civvy orientated but that is just my opinion.
Was going to record it but I won't bother now. Why did they fook about with the old format?
Anyone know who the tart in the purple is?
Marines, excellent as usual.
Dare I say it but the RAF Regt were much better at drill than any Army unit I've ever seen......
That is because that is all they bloody do 8 hours a day, you would expect them to be good. Anyway SLR drill was far smarter.
I can't believe it.

I think I just saw some good crab drill by the rockapes...
Who are the 5 fuckwits doo wopping? They look like they should be in the RAF officers mess.

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