Festival of Remembrance 2007

I have just received 2 tickets for tomorrows RBL Festival of Remembrance. I know the timings are bad but I've only just been given them and asked to get them to a good home.

The tickets are sat next to each other in the Circle and priced at £10 each; I am only after the cover price as there is no time for a bidding war.

One condition exists... as the performance starts at 1900hrs (doors at 1700hrs) the tickets must be collected from myself in the Birmingham area.

Come on everybody, these tickets must be wanted by somebody. It is a fantastic evening. I was there last year and would be there again if I was not otherwise engaged in poppy activities.

Bump, again
Hiya wormy
Hows things?
Again, brill offer but unfortunatly i wouldnt be able to get there, unless you could get me a Tardis?
Much Hugs etc
Hi Sky, I'm cool thanks still living the dream before going away again :D

If you're after a Tardis, have you tried argos they may be able to deliver one to you by lunch, then you can come to me, then of to the show :)

Big hung and kiss back.
another bump, come on people don't just read this post, spred the word

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