Festival for Heroes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by paulo123, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone seen this? It was in the Sun and Mirror on saturday.

    I joined to see if anyone had spoken about it on here but can't find anything..

  2. Why, Why come here to ask if we've read a paper?

    Link for those interested.

  3. £39 quid a ticket?! What about us ex-servicemen who are now student scum :)

    I was interested until I saw the price for a ticket. Although to be fair, even if I was on a graduate salary I don't think I'd pay that much.

    EDIT: Although I support the cause money is being raised for, and I do give small donations - just think this will probably flop.
  4. I have one word for you: Glastonbury. The bill for that'll make your eyes water!
  5. Lobster boy, and just when was the last time you went to a big name concert? £39 a ticket is pennies these days (relatively speaking) go to ticket master website and have a look at most of the concerts they have on....

    you will be in shock... £39 is normally the cost at a concert for a pint and a slice of pizza!
  6. Glastonbury is around £165 isn't it parapauk? And doesn't include parking unlike this festival.. so probably £10 on top of that.

    As it's being organised by the RBL it will be something I will be supporting.

    Glad this topic has got going.

  7. Indeed - they must have got nearly everyone working for free to bring the price in at under £40.
  8. If Lulu's playing I'm there, who were the others?
  9. LOL, I guess - it's probably because I'm going to the Exit Festival in Serbia this year - 79 quid for three days, so even including flights etc, it will probably work out cheaper than V or Glasto :)

    But yeah, I admit - it is cheaper than I first thought :) Still, until I have more money, I'll have to make do with putting my change in Help for Heros collection box in the SU shop.
  10. Glad to see another uni doing a H4H collection. Unless you're at York which means there may still only be one :wink:
  11. £39 buys me 2 and a half bags on coal, we ran out at the weekend and until my pension goes in next week, we have no means to heat the house and now down to making soup from anything we can find . . . so yes £39 is allot of money.

    So if it for Hero's, then wht don't who with the most critcal needs get their entrance paid? I couldn't go anyway, as in anywhere I don't know and masses of strange faces, I would freak out and would kill to get the hell out of that place . . . . I ain't no hero, I did my service, 26 years in total and now have to live . . just . . .
  12. check www.festivalforheroes.com

    i'm going to decide this weekend but the response sounds ok from you guys, which can't be bad.

  13. Assuming that is the Lulu I think it is,she is the only act I have heard of.Will the event be on the telly?
  14. no annoucement of that yet but something I'd like to know - the RBL have good connections with the BBC but I doubt they'd cover this..