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  1. Planning on venturing on to the Continent shortly and will be taking me Jamjar.

    Any of you guys out there clue me up as to who are the best Ferry Operator price wise? Or is the Channel Tunnel a better option?

    I don't mind which route I take though the nearer to Scotland the better. I've had a look at the ferry from Rosyth and thought their prices were extortionate.

    Any help or advice will be appreciated.

  2. I go over Dover-Calais every couple of weeks to manage my burgeoning international business empire :D and without a doubt the best operator is a new one called Speedferries. (www.speedferries.co.uk).

    For ever and a day P & O and Seafrance have had a duopoly and have always charged and arm and a leg. They also, and I have no idea how they can justify this but they do, charge you more, the longer you go for, and anything over 3 days will always be over £200. Speedferries have come in with a catamaran thing that whisks you across in only 40 mins instead of the 90 mins on a ferry. The best bit though is the price, £25 each way, regardless of how long you go for. Their logo is 'Beat the pirates', with good reason.

    Long way to Dover for you though...

    Edited... Ignore the Tunnel. If you want to waste £300, send it to me instead. :)
  3. Bloody hell at £50.00 RETURN it's well worth travelling the extra 300 miles............................... Just book a Travelodge on outward and return legs and STILL saving some dosh!!!!

    Cheers for that!

  4. How to make a scotsman happy.... save him a bit of cash :D
  5. Well had looked at going from either Hull or Rosyth and it was looking like over the £300 mark. Think saving £200+ would even make an Englishman happy!!!!

  6. the best site to go onto is ferrysale.com
    one way travel at £25 from dover to calais.

    we come in peace,shoot to kill,shoot to kill,shoot to kill.
  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    SpeedFerries are outstanding value (but note that they go to Boulogne not Calais) but.....

    1. Once you have booked it will cost you at least £10 to change a booking (for each leg) provided that there is space on the other sailing.

    2. There is only one boat, so if it breaks down for any reason you are stuck, and Speedferries does not have any sort of arrangement with any other company so you are on your own.

    The tunnel is OK if you need flexibility on timing. Also NEVER book the tunnel from the UK. If you are posted to Germany go through one of the agents in the garrisons that book through German agents - you will normally get a return for about £150 rather tha £300 if booked with a UK address.
  8. I got the Tunnel for 46 quid one way a few weeks back. After 1700hrs deal.

    The frikkin fast ferry thing that is normally way cheap is off line until March for servicing!
  9. www.norfolkline.com is the next best one. I've just received a postal offer of £88 open return.